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Amblypygi #20370


Hi! I came here from Lioden (Kiwi #137598) and I'm pretty lost and confused . Right now I'm just trying to survive, but I would love to eventually be a Warm Medium III and Special base breeder. There are some Cool bases I love too, and I'm excited for new tier 3 bases in that group. I love mutations on Lioden and I'm excited for more to be added here as well. The genetics system for mutations is way more interesting here!

I love herpetology, ornithology, entomology, and exotic pets. Feel free to reach out, I'm always up for a chat.
Member Information
Name Amblypygi
Pack Procrastinators
Pack Leader Spruce
Joined 2020-10-22
Last Active 2022/06/07 23:44:17
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