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Rain #2025

notes for moi:

alpha: rainwright♂
herbalist (smarts and wisdom): shadow♀
scouts (??): pioneer♀ and night♀
main hunters: ava♀ (tracker, smarts and wisdom), victory♀ (chaser, speed and agility), aura♀ (chaser
, speed and agility), rileth♂ (stud & chaser, speed and agility), river♂ (finisher, strength)

trainee hunters: mist♀ (tracker, smarts and wisdom), apparition♀ (chaser, speed and agility), baby giant♀ (chaser, speed and agility), opal♀ (chaser, speed and agility), omen♀ (finisher, strength)

pupsitters (??): guardian♂, ignis♂ and stag ♀

moved from the deciduous forest to the taiga, then to the riparian forest, then back to the deciduous - bc damn hunting is so fkn hard!

Member Information
Name Rain
Pack Shamans
Alpha Rainwright
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 2 days ago
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