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Food? #20022

Howdy howdy! I am Food? (since this has happened a few times, I'd like to clarify: I'm not asking for in-game food. Food? is a nickname I have irl). You can call me El if you want. I have friend requests on auto-accept, so feel free to friend me! I'm not necessarily the most talkative person, but I'm always willing to listen and chat :) I will help you out if you need, whether that be food, amusement, questions, or anything in between!

Any pup named Enclave is free for the taking! Pups named RNC may be available for sale, feel free to ask. Pups named Chase are not for sale.

I am 2 hours ahead of Wolvden Time (1 hour when Daylight Savings). Active hours vary, I usually check in at points from 6:00 WD to 22:00 WD (I might be awake otherwise depending on my schedule and what-not).

I am a prairie dweller, so if you are after something from the prairie raccoon wares feel free to ask me for help! If you see me not in the prairie, that means I am either scoping out a different biome to potentially live in, or just fetching decors from other biomes myself.

Link to wolf sales
Link to my crafting services (updated)
Link to my stud's forum page
Link to my designs thread
Link to where I record Prairie Chicken encounter drop rates

< a href="LINK_TO_WOLF_PROFILE" >< img src="PICTURE_LINK" >< /a >

More stuff about me

I love giving my pack lore, that much should be obvious if you check out my den page or any of my wolves' pages.

My wolf names are almost always just gibberish that I think sounds cool. Sometime the gibberish is more deliberate than others, such as when I'm naming a pup after its parents, but other times its just the first sound/s that come to my head.

I'm no hardcore stats breeder but I do try to help my wolves reach their potential (well, except pupsitters lmao).

I am also no big T3 or mutation breeder, I'm mostly out here trying to breed pretty wolves (pretty to me, at least, I expect some people to have different tastes). As such I've got all kinds of bases and markings in my den (except grizzle... and I really don't care for merle).

If I have any one main breeding focus, it would be eyes. I love most of the eyes in this game, but my favorites have to be hetero eyes, storm eyes, and green eyes. I grew a love for hetero eyes when I bred this wolf very early on in the game - randomly bred het eyes, completely on accident. And things just took off from there! I came to love storm eyes in a similar way, after I got lucky breeding this wolf, a miracle baby from a 1 pup litter, not terribly long after storm eyes were released. And green eyes? I just think they're pretty.

My favorite bases are Snow, Denim, Grulla, and Seal. My favorite markings are Smudge Heavy, Smudge, Marbled Unders, and the Ornate Blotches+Ornate Spots combo. Favorite marking colors include Black, White, Auburn, Doubloon, and Luna.

I raise and chase pups, though I don't record my chases. I do usually recognize a chase of mine when I see them, and from there I can match to the parents pretty easily.

I have a tiny low-stat project going, and by tiny I mean I only keep two low-stat wolves at a time so that they don't take up much den space. As a result, the wolves are extremely inbred. If you're curious to see just how inbred, the wolves in question will have LSIB (low-stat inbred) in their footnote.

Highest Total Stat Wolf: Perali
Highest Strength Wolf: Scalus
Highest Speed Wolf: Leedes
Highest Agility Wolf: Riski
Highest Wisdom Wolf: Pino
Highest Smarts Wolf: Perali

Stud Advertisement: Come check out Astemyth, the pastel Teardrop NBW chaser! 3 or 600

link (Whistler)
link (Smoss)
link (Neali Rework)
link (Recali Rework)
link (Ryskeli)
link (Indi) consider white low bottoms or white tuxedo

family tree stuff

Notes for myself

layer that bearskin cape on top of the blue cape

Plans for Losna Pair

One wolf will have Het WB, the other will have Het BW. Details are subject to change (black markings, socks, and ear tips are negotiable). Minimum cost would be 20 GC each (for the prominent markings). Ideally start at 1-ish years old and 250+ stats, then have them scout.

Design Plans for G2 Storm Grulla

Full NBW Percentages (at least from when I started recording, percentages rounded to nearest tenth if possible)
Regular - 2840 (82.3%)
1 Star - 444 (12.7%)
2 Star - 42 (1.2%)
3 Star - 1 (0.03%)
Chased - 122 (54 were likely rechased NBWs) (3.5%) (44.8% of chased encounters were rechased)
Total - 3459
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Name Food?
Pack Silver Falcon Pack
Leader Brackel
Joined 2020-10-21
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