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Food? #20022

Howdy howdy! I am Food? (since this has happened a few times, I'd like to clarify: I'm not asking for in-game food. Food? is a nickname I have irl). You can call me El if you want. I have friend requests on auto-accept, so feel free to friend me! I'm not necessarily the most talkative person, but I'm always willing to listen and chat :) I will help you out if you need, whether that be food, amusement, questions, or anything in between!

I am 2 hours ahead of Wolvden Time (1 hour when Daylight Savings). Active hours vary, I usually check in at points from 6:00 WD to 22:00 WD (I might be awake otherwise depending on my schedule and what-not).

Hetero Eyes: I'm a big fan of wolves with hetero eyes! This love began when I bred this wolf very early on in the game - randomly bred het eyes, completely on accident. And I became fascinated by them ever since! I have quite a few hetero eyed wolves in my pack and I'm always keeping my eyes out for more.

Storm Eyes: After getting lucky and breeding this wolf, I grew fascinated with Storm eyes, too. I'll buy cheap Storm eyed pups and take them in for raise and chase purposes, because I'd love to see more Storm eyes out there!

Raise and Chase: I'm not affiliated with the big Raise and Chase thread, but I do raise and chase a handful of pups. Most are hetero-eyed pups, because I love seeing new NBW hetero wolves in game. I don't list my Raise and Chase pups (all named RNC (name of mother)) for sale, but if you see one that you like, feel free to shoot me a message! I'll most likely be willing to sell them to you.

Low-Stat: Again, I'm not a big low-stat breeder or anything, this is just a little side project. I want to get some extremely low-stat wolves, but I don't want to take up much den space with them. So my solution? Severe inbreeding. I bred two low-stat NBWs together, then kept two of their pups and bred them together. I will repeat this until I get some very low-stat wolves. The two wolves being used for this project each generation have LSIB (low-stat inbreeding) in their footnote.

Stud Advertisement: Search your soul, you know he's the one! 🎵 Alsax 🎷 the Gen 2 Grulla with Het WB eyes and 750+ stats!

link (Whistler)
link (Smoss)
link (Neali Rework)
link (Recali Rework)
link (Ryskeli)
link (Indi) consider white low bottoms or white tuxedo

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Name Food?
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