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Raine #19819

I draw sometimes! Here's my Instagram
I also am working on a webcomic about African animals that you can follow along with over on Tapas or Patreon.
I am currently only able to play wolvden Thurs-Sun and am in MST. Please double check the date if you are trying to get in touch with me for a trade, offer, studding, etc. 

Any young wolves marked for sale will be chased if they are still here when they reach adulthood.
So if you see one you like, make an offer!

My current trades: [click]

Member Information
Name Raine
Pack Silverthorne Pack
Lead Wolf Spectre
Joined 2020-10-21
Last Active 1 day ago
Recent Friends
Blitz of SawSpire
played by Ivy

Vectory of Valekind
played by mica