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reynbow! 🌈 #19664

❝ sunset, guide my way ❞

My friend requests are on auto-accept! Send one if you'd like, I don't mind at all!

Hiya! My name is Rey (though many people call me Reyn or Reynbow) and this is my side of Wolvden. I'm 19 years old and currently a college student. My major is a little all over the place right now, but I'll figure it out someday. I absolutely love video games, my favorites being Genshin Impact, Horizon, The Last of Us, and Nintendogs. I also play Lioden and other games :]

Zodiac Big 3: Aries sun, Cancer moon, Sagittarius rising
Enneagram: 6w5
Birthday: April 8th
Sexuality: Biromantic asexual
Pronouns: She/They (she preferred, though using they is fine!)
I live in Michigan. Eastern time zone, 2-3 hours behind Wolvden time
My wolves all have songs in their bios. If they don't have one yet, be patient! They might soon.

You can always DM me if you need food, toys or medicine! Willing to help <3

Lioden |

  • Wolves nested?

  • Fed and played with?

  • All jobs sent out, including herbalist?

  • Puppies trained?

  • Quests accepted and being worked on?

  • Enclave quests done?

  • Energy to 0%?

Legendary catches:
Common Snapping Turtle, Northern Red-Bellied Cooter, Green Sturgeon, Spotted Turtle

Member Information
Name reynbow! 🌈
Pack Sunhawk Pack
Queen Rokasha πŸ‘‘
Joined 2020-10-21
Last Active 10 hours ago
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