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Scouting for Booty #1810

about me

Hello! Welcome to my page. I am on usually everyday, usually nighttime in the eastern timezone of the USA.

My main focus is pretty wolves and hoarding. I don't much care about lineage, though I do try and have clean wolves.

All wolves that are available for sale are in my Selling den. Any other wolves outside of that are not for sale - unless they are already up for trade. I will block and report anyone that sends me an offer or request to buy a wolf that is not in my sale den.

The Elaras Pack

The Elaras pack started with light colored wolf that just had a dream of finding a home. Along the way she met wolves that joined her until they settled into a rocky valley. Through the generations, magic has seeped into the veins of the wolves and has manifested into bioluminescent coloring in many of their offspring.
Member Information
Name Scouting for Booty
Pack Elaras
Queen Cosima
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 7 hours ago
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