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SavageWolffSoul #17697

  Come join the fun! Be a Chaser and Donate Wolves or Be a Hunter like me and Seek them out!  

    Hello and Welcome to my den where your souls walk alongside you as a shadow.   

  I am a lvl 20 Breeder and Wolf Trainer. I'm also 2 hours ahead of Wolvden but I work 3rds so if you need something and I haven't replied, I'm either sleeping or at work and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  

   My Current Goals   

  Reach 50 Territory Slots - 35/50  

   Produce 1st Gen 400+ Pups ( My definition of generations is different so for you guys, it's a Gen 2 Pup )   

Mutation Carrier %

Non Carrier x Non Carrier = 100% Non Carrier
Non Carrier x Carrier = 90% Non Carrier, 10% Carrier
Non Carrier x Mutation = 15% Carrier, 85% Non Carrier
Carrier x Carrier = 10% Carrier, 10% Mutation, 80% Non Carrier
Carrier x Mutation = 15% Carrier, 15% Mutation, 70% Non Carrier
Mutation x Mutation = 10% Carrier, 20% Mutation 70% Non Carrier

Fertility Key

Infertile - 0%
Extremely Low - 1%
Very Low 2-10%
Low 11-30%
Average 31-50%
Good 51-70%
Very Good 71-90%
High 91-99%
Extremely High 100%

Member Information
Name SavageWolffSoul
Pack Soul Shadows
Lead Mélissa
Joined 2020-10-20
Last Active 3 hours ago
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