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Rescue #16763


I am Rescue, I will accept any and all friend requests unless a specific reason. Dont be afraid to send me a message or trade. I am sorta new to this but I am sorta getting the hang of it. 

I love animals and I love drawing them. I mostly draw horses and canines, every now and then I do felines. 

I am on Chickensmoothie, deviantart and discord plus some other but those are my main. If you want to see my art you can look at my toyhouse, user is tomijojo. 

I do run on CST timezone so I am 2 hours ahead of wolvden time (I think lol). I do work mostly pm shifts and I stay up/wake up late. If you send me a breeding please message me if its been more then 12 hours (I might be at work or I might have clicked and forgotten) I usually am on after work (around 10pm CST) so don't fret 

I am always accepting food for my wolves whether it's 1 use or a big carcass I dont mind. They must have at least 2 days left on them though unless you pm me or you send them to me right after RO with 1 day left just so I have enough time to use them up :) 

Member Information
Name Rescue
Pack NightSide Pack
Pack Leader Heir
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 2 days ago
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