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Acheron #1483

Hunting :Stalkers require high Smarts and Wisdom.
                Chasers require high Agility and Speed.
              Finishers require high Strength.

Scouting :
Deciduous Forest: Speed
Grasslands: Speed
Mountains: Speed
Coniferous Forest: Smarts
Prairie: Speed
Riparian Woodland: Wisdom
Desert: Strength
Taiga: Agility
Swamp: Agility
Tundra: Smarts
Glacier: Wisdom
Rainforest: Strength
Wolves with high values of a biome's specific stat will scout that biome easier than other wolves.

Member Information
Name Acheron
Pack DarkRiver
Alpha Zephyr
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 6 hours ago
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