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Slinky Trinket #128279

Slinky Trinket



Lifetime furry, writer, artist and resident bone collector. AnthroExpo social media manager and board member, fursuit maker, apprentice mortician and enjoyer of the strange and unusual. Joined up on a whim on a recommendation of an old friend. I like to chat but I'm a bit shy online.

☽Fog Mountain Pack☾

A pack that formed from the mists of the mountain, seeming to rise from it as ghosts. Similarly, these wolves have the uncanny ability to speak with the dead. Necromancers to the tips of their claws,
Member Information
Name Slinky Trinket
Pack Fog Mountain Pack
Lead Wolf Jay's call
Joined 2023-09-14
Last Active 2024/02/08 23:23:59
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Not a member of any groups.