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Dutch Rainbow #126049

link have an link to an amazing discord server

how are ya doing?

welcome at my page/den!
as you can see im actually an Spooky scary Dragon,
who hoards wolves!

i have an main goal with my wolves
taking good care of them!

i also breed with them,
with that my goal is
Wraith Markings
Hydrangea markings
Total lunar Eclipse eyes
Electric pink eyes

and just some lovely other random markings
and some lovely other eyes!

i also sell some of my pups!
well selling them if they have Electric pink eyes!
and maybe if they have lunar eclips eyes
Pups with Electric pink eye are 50/100

and hey yes it looks like i dont have any space for them but dont worry >:D
there will be enough place!

some Trick or treat interactions!
-Taigapaw padded into their territory,a hollowed out pumpkin in her jaws.As soon as she spotted an adult wolf she sat down and barked "trick or treat,smell my feet!or well paws-

-Helios sees the young wolf coming towards him and act like he got jumpscared by her "whoah! you scared me there young one, i choose treat, here ya go" as the big wolf gives her an smile
-Whitby and Nisaba pad secretively towards Rainbow pack's nearest cave, sharing a furtive glance at Alaska, a younger pup who is wearing a ridiculous mask, as they approach the dark mouth of the cave they bark in unison TRICK OR TREAT!

-when the bark echo's to the cave, two blue glowing eyes, and two glowing ears are light up when the big alpha heard the bark, "well well well an new young one," the dark voice of the alpha gives an creepy echo through the cave "its the time of the Year again and want to know what i choose?" the big alpha jumps to them with an big smile "here ya go brave one"

-Whitby and Alaska look greedily at their haul, excited to take it home they turn tail and run straight off with barely a word of thanks! Pups these days. Nisaba shakes her head and calls out a grateful thank you, before eagerly catching up to the others.
-A young pup named witcal runs through your territory following the scent of wolves back to your den, He walks up to a tall wolf assuming that's the leader and yells exidedly "TRICK OR TREAT!"

-the big tall wolf named Helios hears the young pup running around, when Helios hear him come closer he jumps up, to make an little act that the oooh big wolf got scared by an little pup "whoah! i didnt hear you coming young one! good job you were very quiet! here ya go!"

-He looks at the skull and jumps around shouting "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" unable to contain his excitement
Member Information
Name Dutch Rainbow
Pack Midnight Rainbows
Pack Leader Helios
Joined 2023-07-25
Last Active 1 minute ago
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