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red #1252

You find the one you seek sitting amongst the weirwood roots, singing softly, surrounded by a pack of wolves who seem to feel calm and safe in their presence. As you approach, a few of the wolves raise their heads, throwing their ears back and baring their teeth. With a touch, though, and a whisper, the wolves calm.

The entity pulls back their hood to reveal curious hazel-green eyes and a beautiful mess of scarlet hair. They beckon you over with a small gesture and introduce themselves as...

24. they/them.
chronically ill +
intermittently disabled.

the search for paradise.
A very cute friend is spending time with you.
A loyal friend is spending time with you.
Member Information
Name red
Pack Cinnamon Cinders Pack
Queen Marianna 🔥
Joined 2020-09-26
Last Active 6 days ago
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