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ghost #124783

Ghost / Charlie / Charles
he / him
PLEASE don't use feminine terms for me, like "girl, "gal", or overly affectionate nicknames like "babe", "bae", "hun" - I see these as condescending if I don't know you and your sort of humor. You're free to use "dude", "pal", "buddy", "bud", "man", "sir" and generally masculine words for me.
Artist, writer, British & American studies major (it's just what you think it is - everything.)
My art and my stories involve my ocs a lot. I don't think I'll make lore for this game. I write poetry as well. Can't link to my stuff here tho
I made this account in 2023, but only started playing more seriously in January 2024. I barely engage with games' social aspects beside trading, so please be patient with me.

The pack name is pronounced / syderé / by the way. Please don't pronounce it with "e-a".

I'll only do mini-project involving event items (:
current: Valentine event
Sappho markings - placeholder
Sappho base - placeholder
Achilles base - placeholder
Achilles markings - placeholder
skin/claw/nose/eye will go to whichever of the above I end up liking the most, as long as I have enough LBs. Might grab more sets if I'm able to.
Placeholder wolves are there to be given markings, they are not for sale. Any wolves tagged as "trading center" or "trade" can be reserved.
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Name ghost
Pack Siderea
Pack Leader Oliver
Joined 2023-06-28
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