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BatDoesStuff #11916

Welcome to my Page!

Heya! I'm Bat and feel free to take a look around!
I never mind talking to new people and my friends list is always set to auto accept. I'm always up for talking to new people!

I have some crafting recipes for Decor, so if you want anything listed here, simply send the items and the decor name in a trade! I'll craft any decor for you for No Cost!

Acorn Bundle Decor - 5 Acorns
Arizona White Oak Sapling - 6 Acorns
Arnica Flower Decor - 5 Arnicas
Blooming Garlic BG - 30 Garlic
Bone Decor - 5 Bones
Foreground Rocks [Gray] - 10 Large Rocks
Gambel Oak Sapling - 6 Acorns
Northern Red Oak Sapling - 6 Acorns
Pasadena Oak Branch - 6 Acorns
Red Oak Branch [Green] - 6 Acorns
Red Oak Branch [red] - 6 Acorns
Scattered Bones - 10 Bones
Scattered Sticks - 4 Large Branches
White Oak Sapling - 6 Acorns

Useful Links/Information

A Work in Progress!

Key of Symbols Under Names

A Work in Progress!

- Aggressive Personality
- Romantic Personality
- Friendly Personality
- Stoic Personality

- Hunter [Team 1]
- Hunter [Team 2]
- Scout
- Herbalist
- Previous Hunter Turned Pupsitter
- Previous Scout Turned Pupsitter
- Previous Herbalist Turned Pupsitter
- Pupsitter

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Name BatDoesStuff
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King Jenna
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