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DeeOGee #107408


Home of the FIRST & ONLY PIEBALD T3 IRON NBW in game!
Home of the Second Storm Eyed Iron NBW In Game!
Vulcan Amore
Howitzer Amore


➖Breed low generation, high stat monochrome dark wolves in black/red color schemes➖


Meet Howitzer! Storm Eye Pie Uneven Iron NBW!
Check out his page here!
Check out his breeding page here!

My Trades & Raffles

My Trades Link
My Raffles Link

Always Happy to help!

I'm always happy to help and mentor anyone! If you are in need of food or amusement please feel free to message me and I will gladly help you out! If you have any questions in general, or need help, my inbox is always open!
Member Information
Name DeeOGee
Pack Teufelhundens
Lead Wolf New Lead
Joined 2022-11-16
Last Active 1 week ago
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