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Wakingđź”…Sun #105899

*I'm sorry for my lack of activity. Life has been really rough and I'm mentally struggling to scrape by; I will try to be on at least once a week. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience to those trying to breed to my stud.

I'm Summer.
(Or, the Sun mother-- as named by my beloved lil Homie
SpiceySprite .)
I'm a 28yo female with a sudden and intense passion for these pixel woofers.
I'm also team moldy dog, as I adore my green hues.
Mold mold mold.

artwork of my beloved former stud Novus Augustus by cosmokidd #122564

Tag artwork of Marvel
by suddenlylamps #114351

Past and current studs:
The OG ×Novus•Augustus.
My first carrier ×Atius. ᴺᴮᵂAlbCari
Beloved Stahlhast son Ă—Borage.
First G1 striped flint biewer pied stud on site â—‡Without you.

My sister and my nephew are my fave players, go give em some love. ❤

Absolute dream dog.

Member Information
Name Wakingđź”…Sun
Pack W.S.W đź”… Pack.
Pack Leader â—‡PfeffernĂĽsse.
Joined 2022-11-07
Last Active 4 hours ago