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Elize Pack


'Tis the season of giving and receiving - and now is your chance to give a lovely present to a fellow howler! You can create and leave a single gift comprising of any amount of SC, any amount of GC, or individual items. Up to 5 components can be added to each gift.

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Pack Leader Nike
Played By Palermo (#51827)
Territory Biome Coniferous Forest
Cave Slots 1 / 10
Pack Adults 9 / 10
Pack Pups 5 / 50
Immortal Wolves 0 / 0

Cave #1
Name Stats Info Currents
of Power, of Strength
597 stats L8 Male 3 years 0 months (Adult) 3y 0m Scout
547 stats L1 Female 0 years 10½ months (Adolescent) 0y 10½m
of Law
500 stats L1 Male 1 year 0 months (Adult) 1y 0m Hunter
of Travel, of Transitions
490 stats L5 Male 1 year 6 months (Adult) 1y 6m Herbalist
of Dedication, of Zeal
412 stats L10 Male 3 years 3½ months (Adult) 3y 3½m Hunter
410 stats L1 Female 0 years 4 months (Puppy) 0y 4m No Pupsitter
405 stats L1 Female 0 years 3½ months (Puppy) 0y 3½m
393 stats L1 Female 0 years 3 months (Puppy) 0y 3m
of Duty, of Piety
365 stats L9 Female 5 years 4½ months (Adult) 5y 4½m Breeding Cooldown (3 rollovers)Pupsitter
of Joy, of Mirth
362 stats L10 Female 5 years 5 months (Adult) 5y 5m Breeding Cooldown (16 rollovers)Hunter
of War, of Violence
282 stats L8 Male 1 year 8 months (Adult) 1y 8m Scout
of Divine Order, of Fairness
261 stats L6 Female 2 years 7 months (Adult) 2y 7m Breeding Cooldown (16 rollovers)Hunter
287 stats L1 Female 0 years 2 months (Young Puppy) 0y 2m
Name Stats Info Currents
206 stats L1 Female 1 year 10½ months (Adult) 1y 10½m