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Soul-Bound pack

Online or in person, these friends all hold a special place in my heart no matter what.

Remain having fun -- (On going)
Breed a lethal mutation

I am in group with other players that raise T3 wolves and try to breed beautiful wolves, they are then chased into the game for others. I have also been known to breed rare wolves and gift them to new players, if I have pups to give at the time.

My pack (Soul-Bound) & friend of mine with her pack (kurien) have become one. Maple is now my joint packmate, we have rights over one another's pack and share recourses. Hurt or upset one, the other will come running, our pack has two Alpha's who help each other in the sake of our pack. Mess with our pups, there is going to be a problem.
The two of us are writing a story about our merging and our packs future.
Alpha Twizzly
Played By Onra (#36316)
Territory Biome Deciduous Forest
Cave Slots 10 / 10
Pack Adults 6 / 52
Pack Pups 6 / 260
Immortal Wolves 2 / 4

Nesting / Pupsitting
Nesting / Pupsitting
Name Stats Info Currents
First Home
Name Stats Info Currents
467 stats L11 Female 5 years 8 months (Adult) 5y 8m Breeding Cooldown (8 rollovers)Herbalist
599 stats L12 Male 5 years 1½ month (Adult) 5y 1½m Scout
Fountain of Youth
Name Stats Info Currents
💀 Lord Deathpacito 💀
233 stats L1 Male Immortal Immortal
426 stats L1 Female Immortal Immortal
Gen 2 & 3 in training
Name Stats Info Currents
Name Stats Info Currents
(Help Maple breed) Finisher
366 stats L10 Female 5 years 9½ months (Adult) 5y 9½m Pregnant (3 rollovers)Hunter
(Gen 2) Chaser
535 stats L11 Female 5 years 7 months (Adult) 5y 7m Breeding Cooldown (8 rollovers)Hunter
The last (Gen 5) Chaser
495 stats L11 Female 4 years 2 months (Adult) 4y 2m In Heat (2 rollovers)Hunter
Kurien's Soul-Bound Hotel
Name Stats Info Currents
Pup Sitters
Name Stats Info Currents
tri merle
462 stats L8 Female 6 years 2 months (Adult) 6y 2m Breeding Cooldown (16 rollovers)Pupsitter
331 stats L1 Male 0 years 2 months (Young Puppy) 0y 2m
322 stats L1 Male 0 years 2 months (Young Puppy) 0y 2m
329 stats L1 Male 0 years 2 months (Young Puppy) 0y 2m
Fadeuka JR.
321 stats L1 Male 0 years 2 months (Young Puppy) 0y 2m
Pups to keep
Name Stats Info Currents
R & C
Name Stats Info Currents
214 stats L1 Male 0 years 8 months (Adolescent) 0y 8m
tri merle
397 stats L1 Male 0 years 7½ months (Adolescent) 0y 7½m
Name Stats Info Currents