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Light In the Shadows Pack

2 wolves in this pack may leave due to neglect!

Hi, my name is Lunar, I am the leader of ‘Light in the Shadows pack.

My goals: get albino carrier: not finished

Get albino: not finished

get melan carrier: finished!!!!

Get a melan: finished!!!!!!!

- I play Minecraft— user for Minecraft: Lilyhorselover3, Rec Room— user for rec room: @Sunfl0wer hope to be friends with you! If you friend me and I don’t friend you back, you can just tell me that you bought a trade from me, or somehow got in contact with me on WD btw have a great day!

Pack Leader Lunar
Played By Lilyhorselover (#35855)
Territory Biome Deciduous Forest
Cave Slots 0 / 5
Pack Adults 6 / 7
Pack Pups 4 / 35
Immortal Wolves 0 / 0

Name Stats Info Currents
Aurie in Spanish
287 stats L1 Male 0 years 9 months (Adolescent) 0y 9m Sick
Sweet in Spanish
294 stats L2 Male 2 years 9 months (Adult) 2y 9m HerbalistSick
Pretty in purple my girl forever xoxo
291 stats L1 Female 0 years 6 months (Adolescent) 0y 6m Sick
Mark in spanish, selling
306 stats L1 Female 0 years 8 months (Adolescent) 0y 8m UnhappyWill Leave!Sick
Tuesday in spanish
231 stats L1 Male 0 years 9½ months (Adolescent) 0y 9½m Sick
Vulkan x Skylar
264 stats L1 Male 1 year 3 months (Adult) 1y 3m UnhappyWill Leave!Sick
320 stats L1 Male 1 year 1 month (Adult) 1y 1m Sick
Amazing pup sitter!!
355 stats L7 Female 4 years 2 months (Adult) 4y 2m UnhappyBreeding Cooldown (3 rollovers)PupsitterSick
286 stats L6 Male 7 years 0 months (Adult) 7y 0m Hungry UnhappyScoutSick
Lazy, hunter with her brother, Axel
255 stats L1 Female 2 years 11½ months (Adult) 2y 11½m Breeding Cooldown (4 rollovers)Sick