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Mystic Pack RP Sheet

Mystic Pack RP Sheet
Posted 2023-03-16 15:46:22 (edited)

Mystic Pack RP Sheet

In another world, known as the Upside Down, mystical wolves and creatures live in decent harmony. The trees were tall, mushrooms glowed brightly in the dark nights. Colors covered the plants from reds and pinks to blues and purples. Creatures had magical properties and had abilities unlike any other, flight, power of elements, and even invisibility!

One day however, portals have started to appear around the Upside Down, strange creatures called humans started to enter the world, hunting the creatures of the Upside Down for their properties. It is now up to the mystical wolves of the different species to stop these humans. A pack called the Mystic Pack, heard of the humans and has decided to help with the cause!

Will they stop the humans? What will be seen in the life in the Mystic Pack? Lets see!

Mystic Pack Character Sheets & OOC

Inactive Player's List

»--𝙻𝚎𝚡--« (For about a week or two)

RP Rules
You can only make a max of 3 characters (There is a limit of how many characters, I want a rp with less people)
If the Total Members is full we are not accepting new players! If a character dies then a slot will reopen
No over powering/god powers
Never kill without permission, always ask to kill or dangerously harm characters
Do not be mad or blame the players, be mad at the character
If you ever become inactive, let me know so I can mark you as inactive so players can know to not to try to interact with player's characters

Player List
BloodNightWolf (2)
🐀SpiralRat🐀 (1)
FoxyStorm (2)
+DizzyFIzzy+ (1)
Demonic Fox (2)
Ghost of the lost wolf (1)
FrisskaTheFurryDemon (1)
»--𝙻𝚎𝚡--« (1)
Timekeeperofsouls (1)

Pack Roles
Alpha Female: Moonlight
Alpha Male: Fenris
Beta: Arcane
Healer: Camellia
Hunters(3): MonsterGhostVoid
Fighters(2): empty
Members(3): Storm (currently a loner) ??? (currently a loner) NorthDancer (currently a loner)
Pups(2): Hecate
Omega: Wraith

12/15 Total Members

Pack Rules
Healers are special wolves that never get replaced until old age
Any pack members, except omega, can challenge the alphas and beta for their spots
Roles and ranks of pack members can be raised or lowered (ex. an Omega can be raised to a member, a fighter could be lowered to omega)
Word of the Alphas are law
If a Alpha feels rules are broken, the wolf that committed the crime will face a trial


Posted 2023-03-18 12:40:44

RP Start!

Deep in a forest, was a open field with multiple dens surrounding it. Mushrooms stood tall that shaded the open field, glowing different shades of colors. A small pack was there, known as the Mystic Pack. The alpha female, Moonlight, was currently eating some fish she caught in the sky, as flying fish soared through the sky.

Monster however, was taking a nap on a rock, enjoying the sunlight on his fur and feathers.


Posted 2023-03-18 13:37:20
Camellia reclined in the shade of a den, her paws working tirelessly as she sorted through her herbs and healing objects, pausing every now and then to look up at the sky.

Posted 2023-03-18 13:50:55
Monster gets up and stretches but then yelped a little, when he stretched, he got a thorn in his paw. He sighed and he limped over to the Healer's den. Monster actually have never been to the healer's den before, so have never met the healer. He slowly limped in, "Hello?" His voice was deep and cold, he had a slight natural scowl.

Moonlight saw Monster head to the healer den and shrugged, she starts to groom herself and get knots out of her fur. She also fixed her feathers.


Posted 2023-03-18 14:25:03 (edited)
Camellia looked up with a start, looking back to see who had entered. "Oh, Monster! Hello." She dipped her head respectfully. "Is there anything you need from me?" She folded her wings carefully as she spoke.

Posted 2023-03-18 14:33:12
Feris swooped down next to Moonlight. "Hullo!" He said, sounding sour as usual, but actually in a fairly good mood.

Posted 2023-03-18 16:27:29
Moonlight smiled, "Hello Fenris, did you have a nice fly? Were there any humans nearby?" She spoke, her voice was soft and smooth like honey.

Monster blushed when he saw Camellia, he may be cold and aggressive, but he always melted a bit in front of females. "O-oh, Yes, I got a thorn in my paw when I got up from sun bathing." He closed his wings tightly, trying to not look dominant, his tail down.


Posted 2023-03-18 17:13:39
Camellia's gaze drifted to his paw, and she nodded in understanding. "I see. This happens often if you aren't careful." She gestured towards one of the moss-layered dips on the ground resembling a nest. "Come, and show me your paw."

Posted 2023-03-18 17:20:27
Feris sat down on his favorite nearby rock. "Yeah, my flight was nice. The wind is blowing in a way that makes flying so easy. As for the humans..." He sighed and shook his head. "I met four of them after a poor family of foxes." He looked angry now and started cursing humans under his breath. "I shot a blast of light at them, and while they couldn't see I kicked them down and managed to put a shield between the foxes and the cursed humans." He slammed his paw down and bright blue sparks flew everywhere. "Sorry." He mumbled. "So what about you? Spot any people 'round her?" He asked.

Posted 2023-03-18 21:58:29
Monster limped to the nest and sat down, and then showed his paw. A large blue thorn was sticking out from his pawpad. "So uh...I don't believe we've met, name's"

Moonlight sighed, "My flight was okay, I caught a flying fish. The humans however...I caught their scent near the western border, but it was faint. I don't believe they were there long, still though, it might be best to keep an eye on the western border." She finihed eating her fish and sat up.


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