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Nothing's Writting Cave (Lore, Bio, Poetry!)

Nothing's Writting Cave (Lore, Bio, Poetry!)
Posted 2023-01-14 10:16:59 (edited)

Nothing's Writing Shop

Your paws lead you to a cavern. You don't know why it seems so intriguing, but you're willing to try to go and see what's in there. You take a deep breath in, quietly surprised by the freshness of the air filling your lungs, and you enter.

You feel slightly unsettled. Here, there's no sound, not even the soft padding of your steps to keep you company, just the blood rushing in your ears, something that you don't normally hear. For what seems like hours - or were they just minutes? - you quietly stroll into the darkness. 'It's strange', you think, 'it seems darker than before'. Deep down, you know that it will keep getting darker and darker. Your intuition is confirmed when minutes later, the shadows are so thick that you feel like you're swimming in ink. You don't know if your eyes are open anymore, and it wouldn't make a difference anyways.

When you look back to where you came from, the entrance isn't there anymore.

You stop, and try to blink, thinking that maybe your eyes were, in fact, closed. Nothing changes. You stare, eyes fixed on where you know the entrance is supposed to be, you know it's there, you came from there why isn't it here -

Something interrupts your thoughts.

It's so unexpected that, for a moment, your brain halts. Then you understand. You heard something. You've only been in this cave for minutes - maybe hours? - and you've already half forgotten what voices sound like.

Because what interrupted your thoughts is a voice.

Not a voice, it was too faint to be a voice. A soft murmur.

You hear it again.

Before you know it - when did your paws start to get numb? - your body is moving towards the soft hums.

You follow what you think is a song, entranced. You don't know where you are. Sometimes, the humming changes pace and you start to run, sometimes it slows down and you feel like you're floating, sometimes it stops - you don't whine, whining would create sound, and you know that sounds are forbidden here -. But it gets louder and you know that you're getting closer to the source.

Suddenly, all you see is red.

You realize you don't see red - red like the blood in your veins - when you open your eyes, only to immediately squint because of the burning light.

When you can finally look around without crying, you take in the sight before you.

You're faced with something apparently deceiving: a circular room, maybe 20 wolves diameter, filled with tables, workshops, various tools, pens and instruments. It's when you look up to where the light is coming from that you feel your jaw fall and your eyes bulge.

A library. Thousands and thousands of books neatly arranged on frankly enormous bookshelves, towering over you in this imposing way only tons of wood can accomplish, even when dead. You look to your left and see the start of a stair. 'It's a weird stair', you absently muse. It's shaped like a pig's tail and goes around the walls of the vertical tunnel. You heard an elder say this word once… what was it? Tower! It's like a tower. Your gaze follows the stairs, all the way to the top. When you look up, you see an opening instead of a roof, from where sunlight is pouring in. If you squint, you can see tree leaves swaying in the wind, and roots invading the top of the tunnel. You stop looking, it's so high that it makes you dizzy.

You decide to go and investigate the scrolls on a table, when suddenly, you hear a gasp.

You jump around to face the new threat and are faced with a white and eerie wolf. They're smaller and sleeker than you, but their white glowing eyes stare right into yours as they float up above your height and scrutinize you.

Finally, they must find what they were looking for because their face splits into an overjoyed grin.

"Hello! My name is Nothing, welcome to my Shop!"

Oh. You recognize this voice. They're the ones who were singing. They don't seem to notice your surprise, or they just ignore it to say:

"I sell Writings, including but not limited to:
Biographies for your Wolves, to narrate their amazing lives, the history of your pack, their beliefs, their customs, their incredible feats and so much more!
Poetry! About your Wolves, about one of your Wolves, and something they did that makes them special! Someone they save, something they discovered, a foe they slayed!
Anything! Star-crossed lovers to war heroes, conquests, or daily lives. Ask and I deliver!"

You gain your bearings enough to ask why they're offering to write things for you of all things.

Nothing considers you for a moment.

"Well, everyone who comes by here is usually looking for something. And usually, my Writings help."

They smile, eyes bubbling with mischievousness.

"So. Wanna give it a try? They're not free, but they will still help!"

Bio & Lore

This is the Bio and Lore! Where you can order biographies and Lore for you Wolves and Pack!
Example of what could be in the Bio/Lore and Prices:
500SC per 100 words:
History of the pack
Beliefs of the pack
Customs of the pack
Feats of the pack
Event of something (specific) that happened in the Pack
Story of daily life (between 100 and 3000 words otherwise it'll be more expensive and will be discussed in DMs/PMs)

A story that you want me to create, with a very specific prompt (between 100 and 3000 words): 600SC per 100 words


This is the Poetry Stall! Where you can order Poetry!

Number of Verse:

1 verse = 45 SC

Rhymes or not? (extra cost 10SC per verse)

Creative Writing

This is the Creative Writing stall! Where you can order Stories to be written for you! With or without links to this universe ;)"

Give me a prompt, or a description and we'll discuss the price in PM (around 500SC per 100words still, but it will depend on how difficult I find the prompt)


Half of the price before the commission starts and half of the price after!
1 uses of food=4SC
1 amusement=2 foods
(1 amusement=8SC)
1 nesting mat=50SC
60LT (Lunar Tear)=100SC
Canine Claws
Canine Fangs
Fox/Wolf pelts and skulls
And apps depends on whether or not I like them, and their rarity.
Right now I'm searching for Storm base App, Rose Apps (the whole set), and Hydrangea App (the whole set).

My Wishlist!

So when you'll pay, just do a mix if you don't want to/can't pay just in SC


Posted 2023-04-12 03:26:10 (edited)


"Here are some examples of what you could get! You can also scroll down to the "Done Commissions" stall to look through other works!"

Bio I wrote of a Traveling Wolf named Hieta:
As Hieta stalked in the cool spring air, breathing deeply, she saw a little pond, glistening between the tall grass of the plains. Slowly walking to it, she settled and began licking the surface, drinking. She had almost finished when she heard a rustle of leaves behind her. Wilting around, she stuck close to the ground, taking a fighting stance, ready to pounce. As few tense seconds ticked by were she intensely at the still rustling grass. After a moment, the movement stopped. Hieta stayed silent and still to make sure nothing would come out of the grass to try and kill her. She held her breath, eyes trained and ears focused on the patch of now unmoving grass. Suddenly, she heard a whisper in her left ear:
"What are we looking at?"
With a undignified squeak, Hieta jumped to the right into the cold pond.
When she finally resurfaced, panting and gasping for air, she was met by a full belly laugh resonating in the plains. Looking up, past the wet fur covering her eyes, she took in the wolf standing in front of her. Glaucous, with blue eyes bubbling and full of mirth, the other female looked maybe a year older than her and so full of life. When she finally stopped laughing, she looked down at Hieta, and with only the barest snicker, said:
"You look like a wet and half asphyxiated rat. What's your name, my dear newcomer?"
Hieta answered quickly, so surprised that she forgot to be sarcastic:
"My name is Hieta. What's yours?"
The other quirked her lips up in a toothy smile.
"Call me Brume."
"Are you gonna stay sprawled on the ground and look up at me like I'm the Moon, stars and sky or are you going to get up on your own?"
Fumbling to her paws, Hieta spluttered indignantly as the other wolf laughed yet again.
When the white wolf started walking to the grass, Hieta stared.
That's it?
Then, the other turned her head to look at Hieta, smirking:
"Do you need help to walk too or can you manage?"
She startled but followed. They walked side to side for a little while, Brume looked like she knew where she was going, so Hieta trusted her and followed.
"Tell me Hieta, would you happen to be a Traveling Wolf?"
At Hieta surprised stare, she laughed:
"I guessed so, would you like to stay in my pack for a while? We have enough space to host you if you want."
Regaining her bearings, Hieta half-smirked:
"I'll take you up on that."
Brume's eyes squinted in the sun, filled with mischief.
Suddenly, the white nipped at the red wolf's shoulder before speeding away with a booming laugh. Howling fiercely, Hieta ran after her at full speed, a grin plastered on her face.

In a few hours, she'll realize that the one's she's running with is in fact a Leader.

In a few hours, she'll get to meet all of the other Traveling Wolves in the Moonlight's Lull Pack.

In a few moons, she'll quit the pack, head filled with memories and sporting the benediction of the Moon.

But for now?

She runs.
Bio I wrote of a Traveling Wolf named Megatron:
Megatron ran on the humid ground of the Mountains, inhaling the fresh and reinvigorating spring air. As he breathed, he smelled the tell-tale scent a pack living on a territory produced. Hesitating, he almost decided to turn around to make a detour around the foreign mountains to avoid stepping in another pack's lands without permission, but eventually decided against it.
I mean no harm after all, and I'm just passing through, it's not like they'll notice.
The dark furred wolf carried on, breath fogging the morning air.

A few hours later, in the middle of the Mountains, Megatron encountered yet another ground collapse blocking his path.
Again? It's the fifth today!
Huffing in annoyance, the wolf approached the zone to see if he could jump over it or pass safely. Bending his head, he hastily backed off when he saw just how deep the crack was.
That not a crack! That's a mini-canyon!
He shook his head, turning around, and resolved to yet again try to go around the ground collapse. He took a step and suddenly, a heavy thing collided with his right side and sent him flying to the ground, close to the edge of the canyon. Immediately on his guards, he jumped back to his paws and took a fighting stance, low to the ground, ready to pounce, his teeth bared and glinting under the surprisingly harsh for spring sunlight.
His eyes widened as he took in the sigh before him. What, or who, attacked him.
A wolf. A big female wolf, with brown fur, baring her teeth back at him, rage shining in her ice eyes. Between her teeth, she spit out:
"What are you doing here, intruder?"
Megatron took a cautious step back. At his movement, five other wolves jumped out of somewhere and surrounded him. On his right, three wolves, the big brown female from before, a wulfenite furred female and an auburn male. On his left, an ashen furred female, a russet male with blue marking like him and a tuff colored male with glowing red eyes. He had nowhere to go, trapped him against the canyon by 6 wolves clearly stronger than him, all muscled and ready to destroy him. He nervously fidgeted trying and failing to see any escape route. He was starting to believe that he was going to end up dead here and that the canyon would be his last resting place when a voice resounded on the Mountains surrounding them.
"Alésia, calm down and let him explain. Don't you see you're traumatizing him?"
As a whisper of "Sorry" slithered in the open air, Megatron saw a  glaucous furred female jumping from where she stood, on a boulder behind the 6 other wolves. She started walking towards him and the 6 parted before her, making way. She radiated a calm and wise aura, yet, when Megatron met her gaze, he saw mirth and mischievousness bubbling in her blue eyes. She opened her mouth and spoke:
"I apologize for this rather hostile greeting. But you'll understand that you're an unknown wolf on our territory. So tell me, what are you doing here?"
For some reason, at her words, a vague of calm washed over him. He answered:
"I'm a Traveling Wolf. I wanted to go to the other side of your territory to continue on my Travels and didn't thing it would be necessary to announce my presence as I was only passing through."
The Leader, because that's the only thing she could be with this much authority, smiled.
"Maybe next time, warn the inhabitants of the land you walk through, it'll save you some trouble, trust me."
She held her head higher.
"Now, would you like to stay a few moons in our pack? I was supposed to go renew the 'welcome' scent around the boarders but I guess you beat me to it."
Megatron did the only thing he could think about and agreed.

A few moons later, satisfied, mind spinning with joyful memories, the dark furred wolf walked away, sporting the benediction of the Moon, followed the farewell howls of the Moonlight Lull Pack.

A poem I wrote a while back but I thought was neat. Don't be too judgmental it's old….

On The Roofs

Traveler from afar or old inhabitant,
Be cautious and be careful,
Of the everlasting guardian
Looming over each and everyone
For they know your every move.

Hush your words and still your breath,
Fear the attentive ear and run from the old presence,
Fending and judging the guilty,

Talk with caution, watch your words,
For they will take what is left behind.

Be wary of the stifled sounds,
The quiet breaths and the ringing silence,
The quiet murmurs and the eerie laughs,
The groans of pain and the flow of blood,
For they are signs of their presence.

But if you happen to be in need,
Ask and you will receive.
If you happen to be worthy,
One day you will be helped.
If you happen to be alone,
Something will manifest.
For they are all knowing,
Acknowledging the one they deem worthy,
Of the quiet support they may offer.

Because kings weren't always kings,
And the wise was born from pain.

And who knows?
If you seek them.
Maybe they'll let you find them?


Posted 2023-04-12 03:26:19 (edited)

Done Commissions

Poem for harupawz #65422
Lore for 𓆙sneke𓆙 #63280
Poem for Karma #75898
Prophecy/Poem for Dragon Queen🐉|Artist(NC) #114325
Story/Bio for Crallee© #119516
8 lores for Cain #118890


Posted 2023-04-12 03:26:29 (edited)


Here is the format to ask for a commission! I'll contact you when I see it to discuss things further in DMs/PMs!

You can either send the form in this thread or send it to me by DMs/PMs.

Name and ID (of player):
What you would like to order:
Your budget:
If you are on a time crunch - No/Yes (precise how much time):
How long do you want your text to be:
Short/Medium summary of what you want written is about:
Link to wolves involved (if there are) (with names in "link"):


Posted 2023-04-12 03:28:48 (edited)

Waiting List!

1. OPEN!


Posted 2023-04-12 03:33:12 (edited)
Empty box!

Posted 2023-04-12 03:38:14 (edited)
Empty box!!

Posted 2023-06-17 00:26:00 (edited)
Hiii is this open? Are you willing to write a prophecy? I think it would be considered poetry (mostly because I want it to rhyme) I think I want 5-10 verses but that's not solid yet

Sorry I missed it here's my form-

Name and ID (of player): Dragon Queen #114325
What you would like to order: prophecy/ poetry
Your budget: amusement and sc (roughly infinite WITHIN REASON)
If you are on a time crunch: No/Yes (precise how much time) nope!!
How long do you want your text to be: 5-10 verses but that's mostly up to you and how much it takes to make it make sence
Short/Medium summary of what you want written is about: here's my base line that I have- When the pack has lasted 15 years the chosen one will come. Find the pup whose eyes are lightest pink and the wing of light shall come to you Beware of the darkest wolf, beware of the one who is not what she seems.- and then some how tie in three siblings (Oak,Ash and,Thorn) who save them from the shadow wolf
Link to wolves involved (if there are) (with names in "link"): wellll um they're not born yet this is kinda a warning for the pack about some pups that will be born in a few pack years.  It it will include Oak,Ash,Thorn, an unknown shadow/darkest wolf(a melanistic), and the brightest wolf(albino) who will eventually have wings ("the wings of light shall come to you")


Posted 2023-06-17 00:35:54
Sorry that's so long this is something I'm really excited for


Posted 2023-06-18 02:46:50
Don't worry! I can definitely do that. I'll DM for further infos.

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