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Event: Coigreach

Event: Coigreach
Posted 2022-10-31 21:12:06 (edited)

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Welcome back to our month-long event: Coigreach!

Strange things are happening in the lands close to your home.  Shimmering lights in the distance, whispers on the wind, mournful howling in the morning light... what could be causing these disturbances?

Coigreach is an event inspired by Celtic and Gaelic folk tales. It begins at 12am Wolvden time on November 1st, and lasts through to 11:59pm Wolvden time on November 30th. You can get started right away when the clock ticks over to midnight by going to the Event link on the navigation bar!

The Coigreach event comes with a playable storyline. This can be accessed by clicking the Coigreach banner on the event page. You'll be able to discover more of what's causing the strange occurrences by playing through it and making some choices. Each chapter unlocks at different parts of the month, and the wolves in the story might need your help. There are two different endings for this storyline, and the one you end up with is down to you. Each ending comes with a set of rewards and there's no right or wrong choice for the ending you get - it's down to your preference!

As a note, this event is entirely based around explore and the storyline. You might see new encounters or strange goings on while exploring different biomes. Additionally, progressing the story in certain parts might require you to complete some tasks in explore too.

2022 Changes: The storyline has been adjusted. It's the same as last year, but the dates at which chapters unlock have been changed. It will be quicker to complete the main storyline this year, and the rewards are the same as they were in 2021. After completion, there will be an option to continue the storyline with a mini additional storyline and additional rewards later in the month!

While you still can earn the Clover and Moss base applicators like last year, based on your choice in the storyline, the new storyline expansion will give you one of two new base applicators - Annwn or Wisp.

What's also new in 2022 is a big set of new encounters that include lost animals and creatures from the British Isles, as well as their folklore. Watch out for Shetland Ponies and mysterious beasts!

A compilation of decors available this month

A timed tier bar will gradually open up the event's shop where you can spend the Coigreach-exclusive currency, Smoky Quartz.  We have a bunch of new, exciting thematic items available for purchase - including decors, background and new applicators! These will become available for purchase as each tier unlocks. There are three tiers total, each with different items in them.

Additionally, you might notice your herbalist bringing back some odd looking herbs this month, as well as finding some in explore. Currently, the herbs do not have a use. If we are able to implement one for this year, we will be sure to announce this!

Wood BetonyWoadWhite CloverVervainNettleMeadowsweetEvening PrimroseEnglish MarigoldElfwortElder

Coigreach Event

Admin Notice: Coigreach Storyline

2022-11-27: The final chapter of Coigreach unlocks tomorrow, on November 28th.  As a heads up, there will be two base applicators available for achieving an ending: Base Applicator [Annwn] and Base Applicator [Wisp].  You only get one of these, and the base applicator you get depends on the ending you get.  Since so many of you are invested in a particular base, we would like to give you an idea (without hopefully spoiling too much) of what ending to aim for, if the base applicator you want is very important.  We've hidden this information below a spoiler, so you can go into the storyline uninformed if you'd prefer.

* To get the Base Applicator [Annwn], play out the final storyline chapter by splitting up when the opportunity is presented.

* To get the Base Applicator [Wisp], play out the final storyline chapter by sticking together when the opportunity is presented.

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𓆏phrog- dandelion dealer

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Edit: Second place, ill take it!!!


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The Pack Wolf

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Yay!!!! Im so excited


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Yesssss oml the wolvden events are always the best!


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Came back just in time >:3c Time for Coigreach