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⛰ Earthshine’s Touch - NBW - T* Annwn - 10M - Cynthia Pulse - Frost Eyes - 700+ ⛰ (13/15)

⛰ Earthshine’s Touch - NBW - T* Annwn - 10M - Cynthia Pulse - Frost Eyes - 700+ ⛰ (13/15)
Posted 2022-10-29 21:17:46 (edited)

The Lunar Realm was alight with bioluminescent blues and pulsing purples, weaving into tapestries of otherworldly fantasy. It and its people were truly one-of-a-kind. Whether borne from its essence, or bestowed with it at any given point in time, those marked with lunar dust were worthy of total reverence. What a time to be alive!

Creatures of fae went and came as the typical passerby from the waking world padded on. Speaking in a tongue that few could understand, some swore that the fae often whispered about a sire who could bless one's brood with the realm's essence if they courted him. What a wild claim that was! Wild.. yet true! The wolves had to see it for themselves. They had to!

Earthshine's Touch couldn't believe his own eyes when a whole wave of wolves discovered his once-secret den in the Lunar Realm, begging for him to father their pups. The brown, white, and green-tinted male strode out of the shadows, pet raven in tow. He started silencing the raucous crowd with the help of his dark-feathered companion, but decided to talk to them once they had gone quiet.

"Let us make a deal," Earthshine's Touch rumbled, sensing an opportunity arising despite the suddenness of it all. "Promise me that you shall not disturb me on my monthly visits to this realm, and you may visit me in the waking world to try for pups." He raised his head nonchalantly as the wolves became ecstatic; yet a glint soon adorned his gaze, and his pet snickered at his next and final words.

"For a small fee, that is!"

Introducing the Moonlit Vigilante!

Here he is! Meet Earthshine's Touch, the first and only NBW Annwn stud with the Cynthia Pulse marking. I've got waaaay more info where that came from though, so here are all the deets!

He's a T* Dark NBW with all his marking slots filled, plus he has a few rare traits like the aforementioned Pulse and Frost eyes!

He can breed with any wolf, even if they're inbred or have a low amount of fertility. Just please don't breed him to any of his kin!

He's a scout at lvl 20, whose stats I'm building up, so he may have low energy sometimes. Don't worry, though, because I'll always make sure to get to every request straight away/whenever he has energy (and even buy Bone Marrow if need be). His current stats stand at 725.

He's bred the following notable bases:
Airglow (x1)
Annwn (x3)
Blueschist (x1)
Chromium (x1)
Fox (x2)
Hydrangea (x1)
Iron (x1)
Nightchill (x1)

- He used up all 15 of his slots for the first time on 4-16-23!
- He used up all 15 of his slots for the second time on 4-30-23!
- He used up all 15 of his slots for the third time on 5-5-23!

It currently costs 250 SC or 1 GC for his services.

Breed with him here!

Artwork by #30929!!!


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*spies on you spies on you spies on you* /j


Posted 2022-11-02 07:49:17
Frisk my beloved hellooooo


Posted 2022-11-02 07:49:47
:D howdy!!! I can't wait to see what other pups he gets!!


Posted 2022-11-02 07:50:42
Thank you!


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°•Lady FizzWart•° [NC]

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beep beep I'm on your post lol


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