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🐦‍⬛ Scarecrow Bones - NBW - T* Storm - 10M - Tempest Aurora - Hurricane Eyes 🐦‍⬛ DYING SOON

🐦‍⬛ Scarecrow Bones - NBW - T* Storm - 10M - Tempest Aurora - Hurricane Eyes 🐦‍⬛ DYING SOON
Posted 2022-10-29 21:17:46 (edited)

The bosque was forsaken; no creature could say otherwise. Evergreens were blackened by long-gone flame, their spines warped and their limbs fragmented; their pointed foliage had calcined into the cinders perpetually blemishing the detritus, always billowing in the lamenting gales. And its acrid, foul stench would never leave one's pelt if they remained for too long.

The stories couldn't be real! There was no manner of proving the existence of this domain's alleged guardian; why would a wasteland require a guardian to begin with? It was much too ghastly here, much too unsettling for any canine to dwell, with no hope of rejuvenation for anyone to dearly cradle. Journeying into the ruinous forest would only get one killed! Turning around with surely be the best course of action—


An anchoring whisper suspired, soft yet far from haunting.

"I am broken, but I still function well enough."

The masculine entity seemed to materialize from the eternal shadows themselves, his arrival heightened by the abrupt symphonies of corvids. Into the dusky light he came, standing on spindly pillars that had sauntered through uncountable terrains. The rest of him was also spindly, perhaps even unkempt, yet there he still stood as he maintained his hunched posture.

Faint scars crisscrossed his earthen hide, reminders of battles won and losses suffered. His stance exuded both a quiet tiredness and a watchful wariness.. with a little crow friend perching itself upon his lower back. As his eyes caught the faintest remnants of light, they gleamed like shards of broken glass, fractured and refracting the world around them. He eyed his flying friend with a hint of warmth in his hues, right before turning to the shocked presence of the visitor.

"The forest cannot offer anything else, so I offer it my protection.. but to you I can offer my pedigree."

Introducing the Weathered Watchdog!

Meet Scarecrow Bones! A lonely, roughened soul up for stud. Here are some things I'll list about him:

- He has a few Cataclysm applicators on him.

- He also has some other markings that are decently rare.

- He's a scout; I'm getting his stats up, so that's why his energy might be empty sometimes.

- He will be fed Bone Marrow if he gets a stud whilst he's on low energy.

- He can breed with LFWs and also with IBWs; just don't breed him to any of his kin.

- He is currently at 631 total for his stats.

- It currently costs 250 SC or 1 GC for his services.

- He's bred the following notable bases:
Amor (x1)
Argent (x1)
Grulla (x1)
Isabel (x1)
Lily (x1)
Pyrope (x1)
Realgar (x1)
Storm (x5)
Wulfenite (x4)

He's even bred a paralyzed pupper!
And another!

Breed with him here!


Posted 2022-11-02 07:48:25
*spies on you spies on you spies on you* /j


Posted 2022-11-02 07:49:17
Frisk my beloved hellooooo


Posted 2022-11-02 07:49:47
:D howdy!!! I can't wait to see what other pups he gets!!


Posted 2022-11-02 07:50:42
Thank you!


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Posted 2022-12-26 19:14:10


Posted 2022-12-31 17:59:37

°•Lady FizzWart•° [NC]

Posted 2022-12-31 18:06:32


Posted 2023-03-08 15:49:17
beep beep I'm on your post lol


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