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πŸ‰ The Dragon Ranch πŸ‰ //PUBLIC RELAUNCH//

πŸ‰ The Dragon Ranch πŸ‰ //PUBLIC RELAUNCH//
Posted 2022-08-31 12:54:26 (edited)

the Dragon Ranch

You're not sure how you found yourself here, but as you turn around the bend you're certain you must be dreaming. In the center of a large grove sits a wolf far larger than any you've seen before, his fur thick and covered in small braids. His body is littered with scars, and it doesn't take you long to guess where he'd gotten them - a massive beast, coated in scales and fury dives down from the sky and lands before the wolf with such force the ground shakes beneath your feet. You watch, horrified, certain the wolf is about to be devoured in a single bite– the wolf gives a single, sharp bark, and the massive beast cowers and slinks away, as scolded as a naughty puppy. What is going on? It's then that the wolf seems to notice you, and he offers you an easy grin. "Oh, don't mind Scoundrel, he's always a bit grumpy in the morning. Wanna meet some more?"

Information and Terms of UseThe Dragon Ranch is an RNG based dragon collectible game hosted by Lore Clan. Players will be allowed to scout for three dragons once a day, for a maximum of three dragons. Dragons are 100 SC each, or 1 GC for 3. Lore Clan members will get 1 free additional dragon pull when they purchase their daily dragon(s).

Send a Gift of 100 sc per dragon (maximum of three) OR 1 GC for three to Goose #21992 to receive your daily dragon pulls. To use or buy a bait, contact Goose with screenshots of what dupes you're turning in. Your dupes will be looked over and you will receive your rerolled dragons once your bait order has been confirmed.

⇀ Please do not use the dragon art unless you've gotten it from the gacha
⇀ Collectibles cannot be resold, swapped, or traded
⇀ Do not edit or recolor the collectibles
⇀ All funds raised will go directly into Lore Clan's bank
⇀ You do not have to be a member of Lore Clan to participate
⇀ Please do not beg or complain about our prices.
⇀ You may display dragons you have collected in your Wolvden CSS.


Posted 2022-08-31 16:00:13 (edited)

Special Events

Welcome back to the Dragon Ranch! It's been a long time since we've been open publicly, and we're excited to be back! Kicking off this event with us is a special Legendary that will only be available for the month of September 2022. Keep your eyes peeled and your King baits at the ready for this one!

Beyond that, we're also excited to introduce a new seasonal Legendary! This Legendary will be available September throughout November!

Baits Have an excess amount of dupes? Want somewhere to drop them off? Are you trying to get one specific design but can't quite seem to get lucky enough to roll it? Well, baits are the answer!

Baits are an item you can trade dupes for to reroll a dragon. A bait is good for 1 additional dragon pull, and each bait adjusts your chances with slightly better odds than the last!

Hunter's Bait costs 3 duplicate dragons, and gives you just 1 standard reroll.

Knight's Bait costs 5 duplicate dragons, and gives you a reroll with a guarantee of an Uncommon tier dragon or higher.

King's Bait costs 10 duplicate dragons, and gives you a reroll with a guarantee of a Rare tier dragon or higher.

To purchase a bait, message our Ranch hand (Goose #21992) with the form below!

User ID:
Bait wanted:
Dupes you're trading:
Guest Artist InformationInterested in having some dragons of your own being added to the draw? Now you can! :D Below we have a .png of one of our common trait bases; color it in and submit it with the form below and you could be chosen as a guest artist for next month's additions!

Becoming a Guest Artist
To be considered for a Guest Artist, be sure to follow the design guidelines below.
- The design is completely colored and without color leaks.
- The design is cohesive and doesn't feel "blurry" or "muddy".
- The design doesn't feel empty or unfinished.
- The design is not triggering or otherwise hateful or inappropriate.
- The line art is not edited whatsoever, including coloring the line art.
- The design is not shaded.
- The design does not glow. Moving forward, glowing designs will be reserved for lunar dragons

Guest Artist Form
⇀ Username & ID:
⇀ Link to Art Thread/Art Shop/Other Examples:
⇀ A message giving the Dragon Ranch explicit permission to use your designs should you be accepted:
⇀ Finished Dragon:

other guest artist information:
⇀ if you are accepted, your trial dragon will be added as a common
⇀ deadlines to be accepted into the next month's batch will always be the 14th of the month. If you apply past the 14th, you will be considered for the month after next
⇀ you will be able to color for 3 common dragons, 2 uncommon dragons, and 1 rare dragon
⇀ as a volunteer, you will not be paid, though you will have the opportunity to suggest new traits of ANY rarity
⇀ to save the line art at full resolution, open the 500x500 transparent image above in a new tab, and download it to your device.
⇀ be sure to upload the full 500x500 .png file so as to ensure quality for review.
⇀ we do ask that you post your form to the thread, though if you're uncomfortable with that you can DM myself (Goose #21992) with your form and completed dragon!


Posted 2022-08-31 19:01:40 (edited)

Commonly Asked Questions

I want to display my dragons and my badges on my den page/profile page/wolf page, but I'm not sure how.

Use the code <*img src="IMG URL"*> to display your images. Make sure to remove the *s! You can get the image url from your badges and dragons by right clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image Address".

I want to display my badges and my dragons, but they take up so much space!

Not a problem! :D You can resize them by using the same code as above, with a small addition. <*img src="IMG URL" width=150*> Remove the *s, and you're free to go! The old base default size is 250x250, and the new, updated base default size is 500x500, but you can replace the width=150 with anything smaller, like width=100, width=50, etc.

If you'd like to support us, use code <*a href=""><*img src="IMG URL" width=150*><*/a> to include a link back to our page where other people can get their own dragons. As always, be sure to remove the *s!

I got a dragon I already have before. Is this a glitch?

It is not! There is the possibility of getting a duplicate, or a "dupe" of a dragon you already have. By checking the above table, you'll find our "Baits", which allow you to get rid of your dupes!

Is there anyway I can set out "bait" to get a specific dragon?

There is! Check the table above, under "Baits" to learn how to trade your dupes in for new dragons.

Is there any way I can keep track of the dragons I've collected?

Yes! We've now made a spreadsheet which you can find a here, just follow the instructions on the first sheet!

I missed my chance to get an event dragon! What happens now?

Event dragons will be re-released upon the anniversary of their first release, and likely for other events. You may have missed your chance to get it this round, but it will be available in the future! The only exception to this rule is the September 2022 Relaunch Legendary.

I want to add dragons to my tracker, but I cant remember the name/ID. What do I do?

If you have a dragon you don't remember the name or number of, you can dm Goose #21992 with an image of the dragon you received, and you will be given the name and id number in response once it has been confirmed you did in fact receive said dragon.

Head Artist: Goose (#21992)

Official Dragon Ranch Artists: Frog (#32540)

Guest Artists: Crow (#32389), Salem (#21506), SweatyRobot (#46178), Liz(#16243), Peach (#419), EasyPlesi (#1499), Bookie (#8363),Β  Rappa (#2168)

Badge Artist: Peach (#419)

BadgesPlease only use badges you have earned :) the Dragon Ranch operates on the Honor System!

A New Start
Hatch your first dragon.

Beginner's Hoard
Reach 50 unique dragons.

Reach 100 unique dragons.


Posted 2022-09-25 17:01:31 (edited)

Important Notice: Between September 28th and October 2nd, I will be unavailable to take Dragon Ranch orders! All orders should be forwarded to EasyPlesi #1499 instead! Thank you for understanding <3


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