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The Lumineers Story

The Lumineers Story
Posted 2021-02-03 20:05:37

Ello! So I've been inspired to create this pack tracker by Nҽʅƚԋყҽɳ and KittyKookiez! So this is gonna be a personal tracker for my pack! If you want to, you can talk here, however, don't have long conversations here, please! :D

Also, I will try my best to create interesting lore for this pack! If you have any suggestions, feel free to dm me! I might miss a few days too, but I'll try my best to stay active! 

Without further ado, lets begin!

(BTW, ignore how it starts at Day 5, I forgot what happened on the days before that- )


Posted 2021-02-03 20:16:45 (edited)

Day 5 Of Astra's Reign

( A quick recap on Day 1 cause I remember some stuff about it )
Astra leaves her birth pack, and creates The Lumineers, with the help of Tala, she meets her first pack member! A male wolf named Ripple. 

Thunder decides to join the newly founded pack, and is the first hunter!

Ripple is now a scout. 

Ripple and Astra have 2 pups, Evelyn and Storm.

( Back to Day 5 )

Freyr joins the pack.

Astra feels sick, and Freyr presents himself with great healing abilities, he is now the herbalist of the pack.

Ochre decides to join the pack, and immediately wants to be a hunter, he joins the hunting party, The Origins. And along with Thunder and Coyote, they sadly fail on the hunt.

On the bright side, Ripple discovers the coniferous forest, and now is working on discovering the grasslands. 

Thunder and Ochre keep arguing during their hunts, if they cannot resolve this soon, might change Thunder's role.

Astra will wean her pups tomorrow.

Marble will wean her pups in 2 days.


Posted 2021-02-04 06:56:11 (edited)

Day 6 Of Astra's Reign

Astra weans her 1 pup, Evelyn. 

Thanks to Ripple, we finished discovering the grasslands! 

He is now level 6!

The origins killed a quail! 

Instead of removing Thunder from the party, Thunder decides to try and make a change to keep her role, she starts treating Ochre better, and they settle their differences. Although their not enemies anymore, they definitely still are keeping an eye on each other. 

It seems as it worked, at least a little bit. Because immediately after, they managed to take down a porcupine!

Ripple is trying to discover the Deciduous Forest now

Astra leveled up! She is now level 6.

Tommy is found by the river during a hunt, and is brought back by Coyote, and the pack accepts him happily!

Ranks have been established! A few wolves are happy that they are trusted, or even a possible heir, but a few are now anxious about why they weren't put on the trusted list. Ripple tries to assure them that Astra probably just wants to see their skills more, but Thunder is confused by this, and Ripple isn't even sure if thats true.


🌟: Possible Heirs 

✨: Trusted

🦢: Hunters & Scouts

🦆: Pupsitters 

🍼: Pups 

🔓: Not Trusted/Does not have a secure place in the pack

The Origins ( hunting party ) have been improving a lot more! 

Freyr has learned a lot of cures! 

( Also, first time I've ever had 200 SC! ) ( Update: No longer have 200 SC! )


Posted 2021-02-05 13:57:05 (edited)

Day 7 Of Astra's Reign 

Tawny has been weaned! 

Arctic became a adolescent!

Tommy has grown up! He joins the hunting party happily. 

Its finally fall!

Swan wanders into the pack's territory, and decides to join.

Finished scouting the Deciduous Forest
Tommy has leveled up!

Astra got diarrhea from rolling in poop. Great.


Posted 2021-02-06 10:49:36 (edited)

Day 8 Of Astra's Reign

Cured Astra's diarrhea

 Tommy leveled up!


Posted 2021-02-07 10:28:07

Day 9 Of Astra's Reign

Once again, the day starts off with Tommy leveling up. Yay!


Posted 2021-02-09 14:11:42

Day 10 Of Astra's Reign 

Not much has happened, but we've started moving to another biome!


Posted 2021-02-16 21:09:37 (edited)

Day 11 Of Astra's Reign

Been pretty inactive recently, sorry about that!

Swan became a adolescent

Thunder is gonna have puppies!

Checked Swan as a carrier as melanism, she is not a melanism carrier! Oh well.


Posted 2021-02-17 10:47:52 (edited)

Day 12 Of Astra's Reign

Thunder gave birth to 3 pups! Their names are Goldy, Salmon, and Rose!

Evelyn is now a adolescent! 

Checked Rose as a carrier for Brachycephaly carrier, she's not a carrier for Brachycephaly!

Checked Ripple has a melanism carrier, he is not a carrier for melanism!

Checked Freyr as a albinism carrier, he is not a albinism carrier!


Posted 2021-02-18 11:21:10 (edited)

Day 13 Of Astra's Reign

Tawny became a adolescent! I really need more wolf slots....

Coyote is expecting puppies!

Found out Ochre came from a albino wolf, so I tested her as a albinism carrier... Sadly, she is not a albinism carrier.


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