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LF: 3k or higher stat stud

LF: 3k or higher stat stud
Posted 2023-11-30 14:00:57 (edited)
Im looking to pay to breed one of my 1k stat girls to a male with 3k stats or higher.

If he is not a breeding male, i will send her to you as a traveler so she can be pairbonded and bred. I am willing to pay up to 70gc for this single breeding AND give the owner of the male first pick of the litter as long as its more than a single pup.

PLEASE do not offer a wolf with Stalhast in their family tree! That pretty high stat boy is her father!

The female in question Ladi

I will also be using mutation breeding items on her so theres that too. She goes into heat in 2 rollovers. If youre interested please link your boy below with your price!


Posted 2023-11-30 21:40:44
Hi! Just wanted to note that there are only 3 male wolves with 3000+ stats: RavenWalker, Stahlhast, and FrostWalker (link to wolf search).
In this case, it looks like only FrostWalker fulfills your expectations!


Posted 2023-12-01 06:52:02
Yeah, i was kinda hoping someone would be close when i posted this, but those three are far and away beyond anyone else's wolves. I sesrched just now to see if anyones close but No one else has even broken 2500 yet.


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