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Looking for an heir

Looking for an heir
Posted 2023-11-25 17:10:43
With black friday sales, I've found myself with some cones to play with. I really want to get an heir I love, who will double as a breeding male.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Must be an NBW. Doesn't matter male or female as long as I can sex change if a female.

Under 2 years old, but willing to look at older if they fill my other wants.

Rare markings, would like at least 4? Merle is an absolute bonus I love merle so much! I can always raffle for markings so this isn't as strict. Prefer T2/6/7/8.

Raffle stud eyes. No budging on this.

As far as base goes, I like darker T3 bases, this would be my preference, but willing to look at any. T*, T2, and T1 are OK as well, I can work with those.

As far as pricing goes, I will work that out individually if any wolf interests me.

If you have a wolf you'd think I would like, please comment or pm me!

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