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Blue Raspberry Lemonade Raffle (NIB T3 Tombac ♀ w/ Selenite & Selene Marking) NukdaeNukdae replied 33 minutes ago12
G8 NIB Albinism Carrier for cheap! StrataStrata bumped 3 hours ago0
💖✨(Open) Medicine+ Sc+ Lucky Ft (and more!) Raffle✨💖 ToadStoOlToadStoOl bumped 5 hours ago10
[closed] selenite apps raffle! 10 winners total! you get to pick your prize! free entry! Darbinator1101Darbinator1101 replied 6 hours ago47
Huge Mutation and Carrier Raffle | 10 prizes! [Open Until April 23rd at RO] RustyRusty bumped 7 hours ago9
Perpetual Free-Entry Raffle! Win refunded breedings to Heritageless G1 Pyrope (T3) stud! unsknownhathor replied 7 hours ago89
✨ TIII PIASA NIB RAFFLE (.02%!) ✨ warm light III, RARE | free tickets | OPEN Occhiolist子守唄 replied 8 hours ago22
20GC raffle! Free entry! Liou02 ✨FluffyLilFox! replied 10 hours ago447
mela wolf raffle WolfTrainerWolfTrainer bumped 12 hours ago10
🔥 T3 PYROPE + more Raffle - First ticket free! ShadowShadow bumped 14 hours ago14
Foxes Running Free Raffle BeadsSnail replied 15 hours ago10
Free Raffle for Wulfenite Pup MooseJestersPlay replied 17 hours ago22
T3 Carriers raffle! 💮Kochebi💮💮Kochebi💮 replied 1 day ago46
🖤G4 Female Melanism Wolf Raffle!!🖤 Tickets Only 10 SC Each! Jo Ann | Melanism BreederJo Ann | Melanism Breeder bumped 1 day ago0
20GC raffle + MORE!🖤 FREE ENTRY EDITION🖤 [Ends Soon!] Max GarnerMax Garner replied 1 day ago25
FREE TEARDROP RAFFLE (JOIN THE PASTEL CLAN!) IndieIndie replied 1 day ago3
Lunar Tears Auction Limbo 🍄Prague replied 2 days ago27
✨🌊 Selene pup raffle! Cheap Tickets! First Ticket Free! 🌊✨ ♥TappiOka (chatrat)♥♥TappiOka (chatrat)♥ replied 3 days ago4
Moonlit Grove Raffle (only for members) Kylie🦊 Juniper || Chatdoggo replied 4 days ago9
Free Carrier Raffle Weaseldusty kiwi replied 5 days ago9
50 GC Raffle ~ 3 Prizes @ 25/15/5 +MORE Max GarnerPixieStoryteller replied 5 days ago21
Fox raffle free to enter BeadsBeads posted 6 days ago0
Selenite Applicators | Raffle! adhelineStarfrost740 replied 2021-04-12 20:27:1710
CRR's [complete random raffle's] (ENDED) Explosive PickleExplosive Pickle replied 2021-04-12 19:24:1019
The House of 100 Doors - FREE ENTRY Edition AkaniScarlet replied 2021-04-12 18:57:49146