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ComplacentDevil's Achievements

25 / 215 achievements earned

Recently Earned Achievements


Bred your first wolf with Melanism!
Earned on 2022-07-25 02:29:08
Category: Breeding

Pack Your Bags

Leave 10 puppies at the enclave.
Earned on 2022-07-20 00:44:38
Category: Quests

Forever Families

Adopt 10 puppies from the enclave.
Earned on 2022-07-15 00:13:55
Category: Quests

Lone Puppy

Had one puppy born in a litter.
Earned on 2022-07-06 01:07:07
Category: Breeding

Snake's Assistant

Complete 100 daily quests.
Earned on 2022-07-05 01:11:47
Category: Quests

New Parents

Adopt a puppy to an opposite sex pairbond.
Earned on 2022-06-21 03:00:47
Category: Challenger