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MTiger18's Events Achievements

34 / 215 achievements earned
4 / 32 Events achievements earned

Happy Holidays!

Open a gift on the 25th December.
Earned on 2020-12-25 11:08:07

Last Minute Shopping

Leave a gift for another member on the 24th December.
Earned on 2020-12-24 18:20:17

A Generous Benefactor

Leave 100 gifts for others during the December event.
Earned on 2020-12-21 22:28:45

It's Not a Popularity Contest!

Receive 100 gifts from others during the December gifting event.
Earned on 2020-12-21 21:41:33

Grasslands Cryptids

Found all the Grasslands cryptids.

Deciduous Forest Cryptids

Found all the Deciduous Forest cryptids.

Mountains Cryptids

Found all the Mountains cryptids.

Riparian Woodland Cryptids

Found all the Riparian Woodland cryptids.

Prairie Cryptids

Found all the Prairie cryptids.

Desert Cryptids

Found all the Desert cryptids.

Swamp Cryptids

Found all the Swamp cryptids.

Rainforest Cryptids

Found all the Rainforest cryptids.

Coniferous Forest Cryptids

Found all the Coniferous Forest cryptids.

Taiga Cryptids

Found all the Taiga cryptids.

Tundra Cryptids

Found all the Tundra cryptids.

Glacier Cryptids

Found all the Glacier cryptids.

The Kinfolk

Found all Kinfolk cryptids.

The Independent

Found all Independent cryptids.

The Merged

Found all the Merged cryptids.

Cataclysmic Discoveries

Found all cryptids!

Perfect Date

Go on a date with an NPC and get a score of +8.

Worst Nightmare

Go on a date with an NPC and score -8.

Love of My Life

Reach 50 affection with an NPC.

10 Things I Hate About You

Reach -30 affection with an NPC.

Speed Dating

Complete a date with 15 different NPCs.


Complete 50 dates with any NPCs.

Match Made in Hell

Made a negative match.

Love at First Sight

Made a really positive match, with a score at +6 or above!

Can You Feel the Love?

Made 10 successful matches.

Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Made 50 successful matches.

Sorting Out The Riff Raff

Kicked out 10 wolves from the dating agency.

Dating Expert

Sent out 100 dates in the agency.