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foehn's Achievements

29 / 71 achievements earned

Recently Earned Achievements

Life Course

Train 500 puppies.
Earned on 2021-11-24 11:41:40
Category: Pack

Mary Puppins

Have a single wolf tutor 100 lessons.
Earned on 2021-11-01 09:39:05
Category: Pack


Train 10 puppies in 7 lessons total each.
Earned on 2021-10-25 08:16:05
Category: Pack

With Great Pack Comes Great Responsibility

Have a single wolf tutor 50 lessons.
Earned on 2021-09-21 03:12:52
Category: Pack

Lone Puppy

Had one puppy born in a litter.
Earned on 2021-09-21 01:10:35
Category: Breeding

Gotta Train Them All

Have a single wolf tutor 25 lessons.
Earned on 2021-09-12 05:58:00
Category: Pack