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mALEc 🌸🐰 🌸's Trading Achievements

149 / 245 achievements earned
9 / 9 Trading achievements earned


Sell 1000 items to the Raccoon.
Earned on 2024-05-03 00:15:17

The Host With the Most

Host a raffle.
Earned on 2024-01-12 04:26:22

Stockpiling the Warehouse

Sell 100 items to the Raccoon.
Earned on 2023-12-28 03:37:45

Bartering Is Good Too

Complete a trade with another player in the Trading Center without using the Buy Out option.
Earned on 2023-12-27 15:16:43

Economic Boom

Buy out a trade in the Trading Center.
Earned on 2023-12-23 09:21:07

Where Are Those Wares

Sell 10 items to the Raccoon.
Earned on 2023-12-22 04:12:15

In It to Win It

Buy a raffle ticket.
Earned on 2023-12-21 11:53:57

I Won! I Won!

Win a raffle prize.
Earned on 2023-12-19 21:00:05

Ready for Gift Giving

Add 5 items or more to your wishlist.
Earned on 2023-12-18 11:48:43