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🌺:+: Pïpêr :+: 🌹's Wishlist

This is 🌺:+: Pïpêr :+: 🌹's Wishlist - a list of all the items they desire! If you are feeling generous, you may wish to gift one or more of these items to this member!

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""Queen’s Robes"" (Dark Blue)
Treat your wolves like the royals they are. Might do other colors soon.
"Adular Flame" Lumen Glow & Eyes
This decor will turn your wolf into a guest from another world!
"Amethyst" royal gown
Made by the hands of crafty wolves
"Companion" African Wild Dog
You're not sure what exactly it is, but it seems to have fallen in love with your wolf.
"Cosmic" Space Rings [Purple]
Your wolf's been out exploring space again... and they took some of it back with them!
"Dreamlands Explorer" Attire
A truly Royal fur cape decorated with Essence-Covered Feathers and Lunar Tears!
"Fire and Ice" Full Set
Are you feeling a little hot? Or a little cold? Why not both?
"Gold & Sapphire" Heterochromia
Heterochromia iridum is the different coloration in the iris. This one is specifically inspired by a Turkish van cat.
"I Sit on Puppies" Sign
What else could "pupsitter" possibly mean?
"Lunar Phoenix" Lumen Glow & Eyes
Mysterious glow for your mysterious wolf!
"My Starry Half"
There are two wolves inside you. One is a wolf, one is an intangible, incorporeal mass of concentrated space matter.
'I throw Potato Pups' Sign
Has your stud been breed hundreds of times and hasn't given you a single good pup? Well, get a 'I Throw Potato Pups' Sign today and wolf shame your stud to all those other studs. Maybe it'll do the trick?
A Divine Harvest
The power of the harvest moon lurks over your wolf.
A Dogsledding Harness (Black Leather)
A quality black leather X-back style racing harness, featuring shearling chest and shoulder padding, brass studs and buckles, and rawhide toggle loop.
A Dragon's Descendant [Black]
The blood of the dragons lives within you.