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Posted 2023-03-03 19:56:10 (edited)
🪲 Hey there!! It's IneffableHound / Ghost. 🪲
Some of you may have seen my account around,
my Wolvden's Outreach Group,
or my commissions forum!!

I'm setting myself the Challenge of collecting every. Single. Recipe, in Wolvden!!🫢

This will allow me to craft any recipe and I'll be able to help people in making backgrounds and decor that they don't have the recipes for themselves!!

Below is a list of All the Recipes I currently DO NOT have, Yikes. BUT! Hopefully with your help I can gather them all together!! 🥰


I have many things to offer in return including a few applicators, Food, Refunded Breeding, Trophies, SC, you name it!

If you see a recipe that you have that is on my list and are interested in trading/selling, please comment below! I'd love to set up some kind of trade with you to help me towards my goal!!

BackGrounds. —

Abandoned Den.
Chattering Parakeets.
Chilling Blue Jays.
Desolate Cave.
Eternal Slumber.
Falcon's Nest.
Forest Dwelling.
Gyrfalcon Observer.
Hunting Barn Owl.
Overgrown Arches.
Overgrown Car.
Overgrown Cave.
Puffin Colony.
Pupsitter Den.
Quail Trail.
Rattlesnake Den.
Rising Ibis.
Roaming Chickens.
Root Cave.
Seaside Gull Flock.
Soaring Condor.
Sunlit Cave.
Swan Lake.
Swimming Mallard Ducks.
Wild Toucans.

Decorations. —

Azure-Hooded Jay.
Black-Throated Magpie-Jay.
California Scrub Jay.
Dwarf Jay.
Elk Bull Mask.
Elk Bull Mask (Melanistic.)
Florida Scrub Jay.
Foreground Rocks (Gray.)
Green Jay.
Large Branch Decor.
Large Rocks Decor.
Mexican Jay.
Mossy Branch Decor.
Muskrat Carcass Decor.
Owl Feather Decor.
Parrot Feather Decor.
Purple Lunar Backline Fluff (Head.)
Purple Lunar Backline Fluff (Tail.)
Purplish-Backed Jay.
San Blas Jay.
Scarce Understory (Green.)
Scattered Foliage (Dry.)
Scattered Foliage (Green.)
Silvery-Throated Jay.
Skeletal Remains.
Squirrel Carcass Decor.
Steller's Jay.
Swan Feather Decor.
Transvolcanic Jay.
Tufted Jay.
Unicolored Jay.
White-Throated Magpie-Jay.

This Forum and List will be regularly updated and monitored until I have collected every single Recipe! Make sure to check back regularly!!

Please help me to reach my goal and finish this Challenge!!

Posted 1 week ago (edited)
Hello! I have this ones:

Foreground Rocks (Brown.)
Scarce Understory (Dry.)
Rabbit Carcass Decor.
Wolf Trophy Tail Necklace (Timber.)
Wolf Trophy Tail Necklace (Black.)
Recipe: Yucatan Jay

How much do you like to buy? :) Anything i can check the TC for help ^^

🦔Shadow💎 (RO Events)

Posted 1 week ago (edited)
I'm highly interested in all of them!! I have SC I could offer or I have some applicators. base applicators and 2 eye applicators. Would you be willing to accept those for the recipes??

If not I'm sure we can figure out something!

Posted 1 week ago
I can accept then ^^ What Base and Eye app you have? <3

🦔Shadow💎 (RO Events)

Posted 1 week ago
I have a Cynthia base app, and then a rogue eye app and passion eye app. Would those work?

Posted 1 week ago (edited)
The total of the recipes will be 100 and since the apps dont have at the TC, maybe we can do that:

Eye Applicator Passion and Rouge as 30
Base Applicator Cynthia as 30 or 40 ?

You say you have trophies, if you cant pay the rest in , i looking for Fox red trophies, Badger Trophies, Canine Claw and Fang and Wolf trophies!

🦔Shadow💎 (RO Events)

Posted 1 week ago (edited)
So 70 in Total for the applicators I have.

I've got 2 Badger skulls, 1 fox skull, 2 red wolf pelts and 10 Wolf skulls.
I can also offer 1000SC aswell.

Would that work?

Posted 1 week ago
Its perfect to me my dear! ^^ I will set up the trade! Thank you <3

🦔Shadow💎 (RO Events)

Posted 1 week ago
Thank you! This will be a big help!!

Posted 1 week ago
Wait honey, i dont have the Elk Bull mask, its Cow one 🙄 i see wrong! You dont need to send the Eye app ok?

🦔Shadow💎 (RO Events)

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