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Posted 2023-01-21 09:47:30 (edited)
V. Hesperus is:
Second Generation (so he's clean if you care about that);
His stats are still going to change more, so I don't think is worth it to list all of them, 1000+ total, strength  and wisdom being his highest stats.

Wolf Page (V. Hesperus) link

Base Pewter (0.51%)
Base Genetics Monochrome Dark II
Eyes White
Skin Black
Nose Black
Claws Light

Slot 1 White Urajiro (82%)
Slot 2 White Nose Line (69%)
Slot 3 Black Blanket Ticking (98%)
Slot 4 Black Rump Stripe (75%)
Slot 5 Black Belly Stripe (100%)
Slot 6 Black Head Stripe (77%)
Slot 7 Black Shoulder Patch (67%)
Slot 8 Black Cover (46%)
Slot 9 White Grizzle (23%)
Slot 10 Black Butcher (64%)


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