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North NIB T2 albino

North NIB T2 albino
Posted 2022-07-24 13:01:34 (edited)
160 SC or 1 GC
485 stats
Base: Denim (T2)
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Oxblood
Nose: Lusxnei
Claws: Dark
Beige Trim (T1)
Honey Throat Patch (T0)
Yellow Tuxedo (T1)
White Medium Husky (T1)
Luna Smudge Heavy (T3)
Selene Lupos (T3)

I might use pictures of some of pups he's bred to put on this stud page, if you don't want me to do it for your pups just let me know and I won't put yours up.

This is his page:

What he looks like without albinism:

Some of his offspring:


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