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1x1 MxF furry/anthro, canine/feral, werewolf long term discord rp 1/2

1x1 MxF furry/anthro, canine/feral, werewolf long term discord rp 1/2
Posted 2022-07-14 08:00:04 (edited)

Note to all: Please read everything and very carefully! Thank you

Note to self:Keep the post up

Hey I am Ky, I am 20 year old woman. I am looking for new role play partners!  I am EST if that is important.


Anthro(Furry), Feral (Canine), Werewolf (all forms)
Long term
OOC (Not a must but would like)
A reply to the starter soon after (I don't mind when replies very after that. We are busy and I get it. Just please tell me your schedule so I know when it is appropriate to ping you.)
Looking for 1 reply daily (prefered), but 1 reply each week at max.

Clear some things up
Just because I only do anthro,feral, and werewolf does not mean I can not do shifters and so fourth. Ex:Anthro to feral. I can and will. I am always willing to make an arrangement.

What I am/what I do
I am looking for someone to world build with, communicate, and put effort in as I do. ONE LINERS WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. I understand if there are certain situations but not the whole rp. Perfectly okay with a singular paragraph or smaller paragraphs. (though I tend to like multiple replies a day or week in those cases only)
Long starters (tell what length is best for you and I'll adjust to your comfortability)
Paragraph or paragraphs
*Semi lit*
Multiple characters/ocs (DOES NOT have to be included)
Server for me and you
I can play both genders

Likes(Just naming a few.)
Native Americans
Gods/Demi gods
Powers (sorta depends)
Supernatural(not the show but maybe possible)
Pack vs pack
Avatar(Blue cat people)
High school
Slice of life
Honestly just ask, I am honestly fine with anything and everything. Just if it's something newer, please have the patience to explain to me.

Cruel alphas
We can have aspects of humans and cruel alphas, I just don't want my main to be a human or the cruel alpha. I also don't like horns/wings(depends/excludes if we have a plot based on it or monsters) and have a preference for natural colored characters but I can definitely deal with it. PLEASE KEEP PLOTS AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE. Ex: no 600+ pound wolf.

Currently craving:

Anthro/Furry who shift in to wolves Very flexible with this always open.
Anthro/Furry possibly feral wolf quest lab idea kind of made but still heavily in making
Anthro/furry Native Americans very flexible with this always open
Anthro/Furry Harsh winter, ice age, survival? Pretty sure I wanted male role
Anthro/Furry Cryptid Bounty Hunter Apocalyptic. Will only play female
Bipedal Werewolf flexible always open
Twilight themed wolf shifters flexible
Twilight/Werewolf shifters rescue
Western Twilight themed shifter OR Anthro/Furry will probably play female but possibly flexible
Feral Large male taking/stealing land


If you have read this far, ither pm me here to let me know you texted me on discord or just go right over! My info is TheSheWolfKy#4527 and thank you for your time.


Posted 2022-07-16 17:26:47
Would you be interested in a Beastar rp since you're open to furry rp?


Posted 2022-07-16 19:19:06
Hey sorry I am just getting back to you!
I have only ever heard of it and seen glimpse and pieces of it but I would be up for it!


Posted 2022-07-17 07:18:45
Awesome, sent you a friend request on discord. I mostly just know the anime of it, its an interesting world


Posted 2022-08-05 19:47:37
Hey! If you're still looking, I may be available to strike something up!
-Considering myself semi-lit to lit
-While Discord isn't my favorite place to rp, I do have some going on there
-I have a lot of free time, but I tend to have fluctuating muse, so a poke every once in a while may be needed if I don't reply quickly

I'm primarily open to Feral forms and can play either gender with ease and comfort! Most interested in pack life/slice of life but I'm open to whatever is decided! I'm best with modern day, so fantasy and "olden days" aren't my forte.
If you're still looking and interested, feel free to message me and I can provide my Discord. :)


Posted 2022-12-22 18:39:30
I sent you a message on discor!

Posted 2023-01-24 20:46:56
How active are you expecting your partner to be? I ask cause I'd love to get back into roleplay but my schedule can get hectic at times because of college.

Posted 2023-01-24 20:53:03 (edited)
Hi @xXRiceCrispyTreatsXx !

I don't mind whenever my partner replies, maybe at least once a week/ever two weeks at most. But I am VERY understanding of people being busy so its basically whenever you have the time! ^~^ my ONLY preference would be to get it planned and have at least a reply or two after the starter.

I still need to reply to people myself


Posted 2023-01-24 21:03:03
I sent a request on Discord!

Posted 2023-11-15 11:27:24
Tentatively interested.  I'm fairly active.

The only problem is MxF for a few reasons.  Unless you're patient with me ^^;


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