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LF Mentor with High Strength

LF Mentor with High Strength
Posted 2022-07-10 15:49:38 (edited)
My hunters have been producing really chonky puppies but I don't have any mentors that can give them the full training bonus.

Need mentors with the following stat minimums:
279 strength
176 smarts
180 wisdom

Ideally I'd love to just borrow the wolves and give them back when I'm done training because I'm not looking for more pack members at the moment. But I know that's really risky for the lender so I understand if that's not something anyone wants to do.
As a compromise I can offer up to 450 SC to buy a wolf with the promise to "resell" back to owner when I'm done. (basically you get wolf back + I get SC back, and you keep SC if you don't get wolf)

Dr. Disco

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