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Tree's Hospital, REFUNDED meds [Always Open!]

Tree's Hospital, REFUNDED meds [Always Open!]
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Tree's Hospital (Offered by Lance Pack)

As you enter the den, you see La Tayr, the herbalist of the Lance Pack, mixing herbs and creating remedies.

She notices your presence and turns around. La Tayr looks a little intimidating, but is very sociable and talks a lot.

"You are here for some mixes? Well be my guest!"

No wolf should have to suffer because their owner can't afford treatment. That's why this thread, with refunded meds, exists. <3
Currently this hospital is OPEN

-This shop is only meant for those with currently sick wolves and/or wolves with low health, if you exploit this hospital and sell what was donated to you, you will not be allowed to come back.

-New and old players are all welcome. Donations are heavily appreciated and thanked, but NEVER required. Please only donate already crafted meds, as it is hard to keep track of herbs.

-Do not post when den is closed. Subscribe, as we will post when shop is open again!

-Please note that in order to get these "refunded items," you must have 1 SC on you. But don't worry, I will include one SC in the trade, so it won't cost you anything in the end!

Medicine Amount In StockMedicine Amount In StockMedicineAmount In Stock
Antidote3Ear Mites Ointment8Mange Salve8
Constipation Cure11Fleas Remedy3Open Wound Salve10
Cough Cure1Healing Salve5Pox Balm9
Cure For All3Heatstroke Remedy9Rich Healing Salve2
Cystitis Cure4Hepatitis Cure14Ringworm Salve5
Diarrhea Cure1Infection Balm11Tapeworm Remedy14
Distemper Cure8Influenza Cure2Tick Remedy11


This is a refunded hospital! Please check the dark red bold text above the stock list to learn more. This shop is not meant to make profit it's meant for those who really need meds.


Note: Thank you SO MUCH donors for contributing to the cause. I love you. TwT

27 donors, Red is mega donors (those who donate a lot, and/or high demand meds)
Moonbull #12035 | Lovi #5180 | Lupis Optimis #207 | Truffles #8265 | Atlas #5986 | Keziah #6309 | Dragon #11901eclipsies_wolff #3413 | Caliber517 #5372 | Kimiko_97 #19235 | Thealien #16221 | Vulcan #8604 | Abby #13289 | Silent Winter #8727 | Aradia #13744 | Saeginko #11137 | Dragonfiry #17326 | BloodLord #18475 | Valdis #17505 | Mortymery #20689 | Devinator #21921 | Truffles #8265 | TheDepressoBiro #11084 | sandpest #11663 | Anon Donator #1 | finnaboo #7057 | Dead-Cat #25423


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This den is now OPEN

Please ONLY take what you need but never hesitate to ask whether it's here or by DMing me!

It will close once items are all taken.

All items are refunded. Please only take what you need and do not exploit.


Posted 2020-10-25 11:44:42 /
just commenting here so I don't lose this thread! :'D

Posted 2020-10-25 15:20:34 /

ooo i can donate some cures <3 ill send a 1sc trade

°☆Lupis Optimis☆°

Posted 2020-10-25 15:22:12 /

I will happily trade other cures for a flea treatment ^^ helps me and possibly helps others out in the process!


Posted 2020-10-25 15:34:13 /

@SoundTheBeagle these are refunded items meaning you dont need to pay with more cures to obtain these but donations are appreciated. ^^


Posted 2020-10-25 15:35:59 /

I know! I'm happy to help the cause. My biggest issue is open wounds so most of my cures are sitting and id be happy to offer some to help out though ^^


Posted 2020-10-28 06:25:47 /

how much for the heatstroke remedy


Posted 2020-10-28 06:29:59 /

1 sc for 1 sc, refunded means you pay 1 sc but i give you 1 sc back plus the med. I can't say it's free because you have to have 1 sc but you get it back. ^^


Posted 2020-10-28 06:32:21 /

ill take it