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The Lives and Mishaps of Jackdaw’s Flight (gamelog + lore rambling)

The Lives and Mishaps of Jackdaw’s Flight (gamelog + lore rambling)
Posted 2020-10-20 18:29:55 (edited)

obligatory pack lore tracker, yee haw

This is basically a gameplay blog and lore brainstorming infodump. Replies welcome, no need to read start to finish; I promise neither organization nor brevity, have fun ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

If you just want the lore, check out the site!

Other relevant links:

There will not be another Google Doc because I found them unmanageable. An entire gosh dang website is clearly easier.


Posted 2020-10-20 18:58:15 (edited)

Day 1 (2020/10/19): Winter in the Mount

  • Starting pair: Diorite and Andesite. Went for a grayscale look with two of my favorite exclusive bases; well-camouflaged, maybe?
  • Made a home in the mountains: called the pack Jackdaw’s Peak after the theoretical location, the first cave is Puma’s Cougar’s Maw, and the hunting party is called Hawk’s Eyes. I’m sensing a theme…
  • Recruited three new wolves, all unnamed at the time of writing: first hunter, future herbalist, second hunter, and a last-minute rando. I have absolutely no impulse control right now with NBWs but space and cones are scarce, whoops.
  • Completed all beginner quests (hunting, caves, battling, and scouting) except breeding, for lack of space and uncertainty over whether the breeding male would be locked in.
  • +levelup: Diorite & Andesite lvl2

Vague lore, courtesy notes in each wolf’s profile (which I’ll probably clear or reserve for art, since I’m not a fan of how it’s placed):

  • Diorite: trusting. too trusting; lets in anyone with a friendly face and then some. kinda just vibin
  • Andesite: basically sees Diorite as a gullible but well-meaning fool. every time she returns there’s someone new. buddy you gotta stop somewhere please we’re begging you
  • [first hunter]
    • - he didn't really seem interested and was standoffish at best but okay
    • - immediately yeeted him off to do a hunt 100% solo too. he's having a good da
    • - first recruit; morbidly curious to see if/how this fledgling pack develops
    • - quickly and rudely outmatched by subsequent recruits. where is the fellow testosterone my guys
  • [herbalist]
    • HELLO YOU ARE PRETTY and also very friendly!
    • - second recruit; basically a big ol’ puppy
  • [second hunter]
    • token spitfire ye haw
    • ..."obnoxious" though. rude
    • - third recruit; went something like
      Di: :D?
      ??: >:(
      Di: D8<
      ??: ’,:o
      Di: join?
      ??: YE
    • - also personality says she hates An & vice versa, swell
  • [last-second rando]: fourth recruit, also chill. we are just a romantic bunch here aren’t we

Day 2 (2020/10/20): A Questionable Legacy

  • And Then It Was Spring
  • Succumbed to just doing the breeding quest now, resulting in two Diorite x Andesite pups!
  • Last-second rando has been promoted: wasn’t originally going to stay but we need a pupsitter, have fun
  • Sent the “herbalist” out for scouting, since 1) she’s kinda not doing anything until I unlock that feature and 2) Andesite nursing takes her out of commission for a bit.
  • Made a spreadsheet of all the personalities & stats at a glance (feel free to steal), and also made this topic.
  • +levelup: Andesite lvl3, second hunter lvl2, Diorite lvl4

I still have no idea what the lore for this pack is except that we have so many Romantics, god. Clearly when they’re not doing anything they're just standing around like this.

Also I keep finding high-leveled wolves while exploring and it hurts my soul, I have Got to be more picky from now on. But the first priority is still getting more space for a bare minimum setup (5 hunters, 2 scouts, 1 herbalist) + pups, and then maybe a rank shuffle based on stat proficiency. Aesthetic coherency would also be nice…

Oh yeah, and the pups’ colors are amazing. One subtle brown and the other is literally just white. This is amusing me more than it strictly should.

Additional updates

  • Diorite is now the breeding male; I have no plans to breed again for my own den ever but some cross-den experimentation may be on the horizon \o/
  • Featured Andesite as the “King” because lbr she’s probably the actual showrunner, with Diorite out exploring half the day. Shame you can’t use custom titles because I’d have “Leader” and “De Facto Leader.”
  • Played around with Wardrobe backgrounds, exclusively from the Mountains and non-biome-specific. Here’s who looks best with each:
    • Elk Mountains: Diorite, Andesite, pup1, pup2
    • White Mountains: hunter1, herbalist
    • Yosemite Valley: hunter2
    • Couldn’t get anything (in range) to look right with the pupsitter. I’m not crazy over her design in the first place, but the stats are great >:V
    • Meanwhile, pup2 is so stark that basically any background works, but I’m partial to Raven Cliff, Elk Mountains (above), and Abandoned Mineshaft. The latter could make for some interesting lore, especially with the rest of the family having a different but same one....
  • Inspired by that last bit, the pups now have names: Husk and Bone. These may or may not stick.


Posted 2020-10-21 19:28:26 (edited)

Day 3 (2020/10/21)

  • lvlup herbalist 3, hunter1 2, Diorite 5, Andesite 4
  • pupsitter switched to future finisher (high STR!); noted hunters’ strengths
  • playstyle thus far is “slow and steady but (in battle) go for the throat.” this seems fitting for a pack full of romantics, which synergize well with aggressives. middle ground where
  • I seem to have misread something because Andesite can totally still be a scout while nursing, gdi; just gotta make sure her energy’s maxed out for rollover. She’s back on the trail now; [herbalist] will keep scouting too until otherwise needed.
    • update: Andesite finished scouting Grasslands \o/
  • messed with the spreadsheet more; swapped out proficiency stats for best hunting roles (using averages for stalker/chaser), and moved biome stuff to a separate color-coded sheet. also added an auto-updating little age section with a morbid little countdown to the 7th birthday, and realized [herbalist]’s time is, uh, Limited :D
  • New cave get: social distancing, for future quarantine purposes. not that social distancing is only for the sick, but y’know

Typed everything in my den description this round and copying it all here towards the end of the day. The formatting continues to be atrocious but oh well.

  • ALSO: Got CSS working >:3 Mostly used it to fix some tiny layout things that were bothering me but this gives me far too much power.
  • Saved up enough for another territory slot! And then some, technically, but I’ve been utterly consumed by this site so I’m just gonna use the next one as incentive to get real life stuff done >:V But since I worked today, empty slot get!

this is just becoming a glorified blog isn’t it


Posted 2020-10-22 09:53:48 (edited)

Day 4 2020/10/22

LVLUP: hunter3 & hunter2 +2, herbalist +4, hunter1 +3

  •  I said I was going to be more reserved with recruits (and did turn down a couple) but then the game threw this gal at me, and at level 3 too—although it went back to 1 anyway, aww. Still, I think I’ll leave her unassigned role-wise for now, and when I get another slot it’ll be like a mini wolf hunger games to see who has better stats and thus sticks around long-term. But aaa, glaucuos is a cool base (pun half intended)....
  • Some vague characterization is starting to take shape in my head but for now have another CSS hack.
  • Cliff swallowtail get!! …Aw noo, why’s it gotta be placed awkwardly. Butterfly tail get?
  • Hunter1 is now better at chasing than stalking, with averages of 52 to 50.5. Stats are weird and I’m still not 100% sure he’s a keeper, but that’s cool I guess

  • Did work, bought slot! Quickly encountered… another glaucuous female, amazing. She’s younger and her stats are lower, which I’m beginning to think is an intentional correlation. Also it was very bold of me to assume I could be decisive with these things.
  • On closer inspection, new wolf is Stoic (Stoic), which means she won’t hunt well with anyone but Andesite (scout, not a concern) and Bone (???). But I’m not gonna be online when her recruitment cooldown ends regardless, so tomorrow I’ll consult Totally Not A Wolf Eugenicist for advice.
    • Calling it now: ditch the elder because I have too many middle-age wolves as-is. The lore implications of that would be fun tbh; Diorite recruits two in a row, and the younger takes one look at the older (friendly) lookalike and goes, bluntly, “you’re redundant.” Alternatively, if younger goes, “I’m redundant,” and/or has some internal Questions for Diorite about his taste in recruits, and instead of asking about it she just leaves. Either way, incredible.

Oh yeah, I guess my vague lore ideas thus far have largely come down to Diorite being a questionable leader, if he even wanted to be one in the first place. He spends much more time wandering around and scoping out the land, occasionally (but not always) beating up passerby for sport*, than actually doing… whatever it is a leader should do, and Andesite gave him a good talking-to at one point about trusting newcomers. Still, he has supplied more than enough food for everyone, and he’s neither kicked anyone out nor would he stop anyone who wants to leave. He’s kinda just vibin.

*Also, whether anyone else knows about this, uh, habit is currently unclear. I haven’t attacked any would-be recruits, though, and only go for non-hooved non-bear enemies at the same level or 1–2 below, because I 1) am a weenie and 2) never use healing salves. You bet your tail this is being considered for lore—though the lore is written around gameplay, not the other way around; there’s a reason I didn’t go in with an idea about some kill-’em-all dictator when I’m a casual player. But yeah, if I’m not basing my creative misadventures on mindless clicking patterns then what’s the point.

Speaking of which, I think I unlock illnesses/injuries tomorrow? Is it bad that I’m looking forward to it? :D I don’t want anyone to die, per say, but also major injury (and/or death) could really spice up the lore… You know how it is, you have characters, you kill the characters, that’s how writing go.

Gameplay-wise I have a ton of herbs but haven’t looked into which are biome-exclusive. Either this is gonna be like food & amusements where everyone is scrambling and I’m here with more than enough, or I’ll finally get to experience the “NEED MORE NEED MORE” rush.

Regardless, Diorite’s trying his best. We’ll just have to see if that’s enough :3c

Oh, and to top off the night, hunting party got a hare \o/ I haven’t been keeping track of the success/failure rate but I feel like it’s been pretty decent? All the talk about hunting parties being Terrible starting out made me think they’d basically never succeed, and yet. For a party of two things are going pretty well 👌


Posted 2020-10-23 09:36:27 (edited)

Day 5: In Sickness and in Health 2020/10/23

LVLUP: herbalist & Andesite +5, Diorite +6

before ANYTHING else I just wanna say I was up way, way too late last night writing a little story about the pack “founding” and I will post that here when I look it over with fresh eyes & fix up the formatting later. this website is the worst thing to happen to my sleep schedule and I’m having a blast

  • Herbalist get! I mean, same wolf, no one new, but now it’s Official™
  • Wolf Geneticist actually had no preference but I’ll go with my gut here; older glaucous is up for sale now. Alas the stats not being on par with my other older wolves means that, by the time she caught up, she’d be even older, and since I don’t plan on breeding I should probably try to get as much role use out of each wolf as possible.
  • [~30 minutes later] she sold really fast what the fuck
  • Ugh, it’s seriously been too long since I wrote proper third-person prose and I am extremely rusty >:V But ah well, ~finished not perfect~, take it. TL;DR:
    • Tala’s introductory guides are handwaved as a strange dream shared by the first three wolves: Diorite, Andesite, and a third who won’t give a name. Diorite and Andesite swap stories, and even though they never explicitly agree to found a pack, there’s an unspoken assumption they’ll travel together.
    • While Andesite is staunchly focused on forging ahead, the third wolf calls Diorite’s trusting nature into question and reveals nothing about themself. When they reach Cougar’s Maw, third wolf teases Andesite, who snaps; they submit and confess to being a lone traveler, who’s mostly just here to see how the pack plays out. Andesite senses no dishonesty, and thus the pact is sealed.
    • Also, their name is Talak, which they definitely didn’t make up on the spot while looking at stalactites. The pack itself doesn’t get an “official” name until later.

I also included a bunch of rambly brainstorming notes at the end because my creative process is haphazard like that. Also, this late-night writing spree was sparked by some questions about writing on the Flight Rising general discussion board; you’ll never guess which one of these commenters is me :P

But yeah, I want to do that thing where a character is built around one (1) trait, both as a strength and a flaw, and Wolvden is pretty useful in that department by assigning each a whole entire word to summarize their entire personality. Here’s what I got so far, in more coherent words:

  • Diorite is trusting, but this doesn’t mean he’ll take teasing at face value; specifically, he trusts that others are good or at least mean well, and has an easygoing nature to match. He’s an honest wolf and expects the same from others, very simple. At best, he’ll give a second chance to those who desperately need one, and he’d be the first believer of Cassandra’s truth. At worst, he trusts those who haven’t earned it: nefarious actors, unsubstantiated claims, a dream that ultimately means very little…
  • Enter Andesite, the observant head to Diorite’s heart. She has a knack for the little details and scans both her environment and other wolves relentlessly, and has little doubt in these abilities. At best she can get an impeccable read on baffling situations and characters, which could be invaluable in dire situations. At worst this could lead to a paranoid spiral, because there’s always something to notice, and/or she could miss something obvious but be convinced she was thorough as always. (The latter is more of a confidence thing than observational skills, but still. Barring sensory overload, is there really a downside to being observant, especially in a survival context?)
    • I didn’t note this in the doc but she’s awfully similar to a former RP character of mine, except unlike said character, Andesite has a sense of humor and is more willing to work with others. (Observant is a friendly personality, after all; she’s probably much less high-strung once she’s comfortable.)
  • But really, Diorite’s more the middle man (so far) to Andesite’s “real shit only” precision and Talak’s dreamy, imaginative demeanor. Possibility intrigues them, the less probable the better; they genuinely get a kick out of Andesite and Diorite’s seemingly contradictory behaviors, and just because they aren’t expecting grandeur from the pack doesn’t mean they can’t have fun while it lasts. At best they’re the life of the party, the storyteller of what could be. At worst it’s far too easy for them to get lost in these fantasies and their own giddy thrill—until they’re at the mercy of someone who’s much less amused.

…God, this is getting long. And if you think this is a lot, you should see my project brainstorming notebooks/documents. But anyway, one more thing: quick ideas for the rest of the pack!

  • The herbalist was already familiar with Cougar’s Maw, maybe from daring adolescent ventures, and is surprised to find wolves living there now. She’s not elderly but not quite as young and spry as the others (using the non-Luperci side of this age table as a reference, 4–5 years makes her middle-aged), and although idk why she’s on her own yet, she’s friendly and eager to help the fledgling pack. When Andesite is preoccupied with pups, $herbalist takes over scouting duties, and the actual healing stuff comes in later; to explain the lack of stat/lore correlation, herbalist is out of practice and/or never learned much in the first place.
    • I originally had "friendly" bolded before realizing she’s imaginative too, whoops. Hmm, different aspects of the same trait… if Talak’s imagination is inspired by possibility, maybe this one wants to make the best of what they have? She certainly has a leg on them in general worldly experience. Art vs STEM major, kinda? dreamer vs doer? Creative/imaginative problem-solving isn’t limited to fiction.
  • The second hunter challenges Diorite’s authority and calls his whole mishmash pack into question on sight, which immediately pisses him off. Ironically, his response earns her respect, and she follows him back from there (with or without invitation). She thinks Andesite has a stick up her tail and dismisses the herbalist as some kindly but useless old lady (despite only being like a year younger), but hey, Talak’s over here hunting and she’s gonna join them whether anyone likes it or not. Congratulations, it’s the token aggressive/obnoxious packmate! Despite her knack for getting under everyone’s nerves, she is genuinely trying, and Diorite appreciates that.
    • As for the others? Andesite’s not a fan, but as long as they don’t have to interact much and $hunter2 is actually contributing, then… fine, whatever; Andesite has actual pups to worry about, not this manchild (but a wolf and not a man or a child). Talak is somewhere between intrigued and horrified but either way they’re thoroughly entertained.
  • The pups are like, potato stage, and I’ll figure out lore for them when they start Doing Things. For now they’re being thoroughly spoiled (100% survival, babey). Even though the personality categories don’t match, I’m thinking the keen one (Husk) takes after her mother’s decisiveness (though actual observation skills may vary), and the fair one (Bone) inherited his father’s levelheadedness (but with less automatic assumption of good will). ~We shall see~
  • Current pupsitter/future third hunter is kind of just There and I don’t know what her lore is yet, except that she’s confident in her abilities to do the pupsitting thing, and it seems well-founded so far. Which is good news for Diorite, who invited her on a whim, but it also gets his ear chewed off by Andesite because they can not keep welcoming every other stranger, especially when the hunting party (of two) is doing less than him to feed everyone.
  • Diorite listened to Andesite’s advice for a few weeks and then haha nice strangers go [glaucous noises]. First/older wolf has since been bought, named, and assigned herbalist ( :D!! ), and idk if the current owner has any lore; so for all intents and purposes in my lore, this one didn’t stick around long enough for anyone to get to know them. Besides, the pack’s latest addition has all Andesite’s stoicism and then some; pragmatically, they don’t need another friendly oldie.
    • . . . I don’t actually know what this one is doing yet, either, but 1) she’s probably staying (unless I find another glaucous with better stats or markings or something), and 2) Andesite Don’t Trust Like That.


  • Picked up this greenish lad but the stats could be better, probably gonna sell. Also the little shoulder marking doesn’t match and that irks me, but I am apparently still under the trance of seeing a cool woof and slamming attempt to befriend.


Posted 2020-10-24 07:23:17 (edited)

Day 6 2020/10/24

LVLUP: hunter2 & Talak +4

  • NBW from last night also sold and got named & assigned a role, heck yeah!
  • Proceeded to pick up a new one, who’s only slightly older than glaucoua and has +10 better stats >:0 Admittedly I’m not… as fond of the design, but those are some nice numbers. Maybe I’ll get another slot and then see how the three stack up both stat- and appearance-wise?
  • Welp, turns out I’ve hoarded no less than >80 healing salves this whole time (having used none & relied on random events to regain HP), except today’s quest was defeating 3 wolves. Since I wanted to be Done at a reasonable hour I blew through like five because even low-leveled wolves did a ton of damage?? The things I do for silver pinecones....
  • In other news, am I just abusing the css header now? Mayhaps.


Posted 2020-10-25 04:52:45 (edited)

Day 7 2020/10/25

LVLUP: hunter3 (current pupsitter) +3, Andesite +6, Diorite +7

  • Pups were weaned today \o/ I’m also glad that, despite doing no finishing whatsoever, the temporary pupsitter’s best stat is still Strength. The hunting duo is doing really well and honestly I feel like I don’t even need a full team of 5,  but they could use a finisher.
  • Got three successful hunts for the daily quest! And then Talak got fleas; they are now social distancing and I need tobacco (x3, might just cave and buy the full medicine) >:V Also, shout-out to Dessy for answering my chat question about whether sending a sick wolf hunting will spread their illness even if they’re in a quarantine cave: it won’t.
  • OH YEAH AND since I worked a lot today, new slot get! Ha, got more than enough for the rest of the upgrades now, but this is a nice little treat. Although I’m tired so I’ll fill it tomorrow ✌️

Day 8 2020/10/26

SEASON: Summer

LVLUP: glaucous +2–3, herbalist +6

  • Flea medicine get from Syrel’s Herb Den, and thus Talak is cured!
  • Also dropped a measly 7SC on a beaver pelt from today’s quest since I don’t think I’ve got one before and couldn’t find a guide. Having disposable income is extremely nice.
  • Befriended this extremely playful gal! She’s only a little older than the black-and-brown NBW and has better stats by a small margin; not off the chopping block, but went ahead and put the other up for sale.
    • later-day update: sold
  • Also just gonna move glaucous to the main den since she’s probably not going anywhere and needs to stop being a freeloader. Personality doesn’t mesh with the hunting duo so she’s now a scout!
  • Speaking of recruitment, I keep going to befriend & immediately leaving potential NBWs whose looks I’m not as fond of. It’s probably a necessary choosiness but :,D I Feel Bad.... Lore-wise, I wonder if glaucous has gotten in Diorite’s head, especially after chasing off multiple attempted recruits now. Unless they just left. ~It’s vague on purpose~

ALSO: i am so freaking mad (note to future me, dilution at low opacity instead of shaded is 👌)

  • update2: I have no impulse control. Probably not gonna blow the GC on customization any time soon but… Andesite, herbalist, hunter2,
    • No Talak because they look fine. Not my favorite, but fine. The idea was to update their designs while retaining some degree of how they already look; also limited myself to customizer-exclusive bases & markings because I cannot be bothered to go through everything each round. Someday I’ll be able to find what I want at a glance but >:V
    • I really need to sleep soon but I‘m stuck on hunter3, who I’m having trouble with barring a complete overhaul. Seriously considering selling her once the pups are grown, or swapping her for a similar-proficiency ‘sitter/hunter. It’s not you, it’s your markings.
  • The more I do this the pickier I get with wolf designs, I can feel it. Next NBW I get it’s probably over for cream gal. (Also, I am once again entitled to a slot, but I don’t really need it? Still gotta keep an eye out for a good-looking finisher, if glaucous doesn’t get switched over, but all the good stat sales right now are pups. I’m impatiennnnt.)


Posted 2020-10-27 08:27:09 (edited)

Day 9 2020/10/27

LVLUP: glaucous (after the distemper fiasco) +4, Andesite +7

  • GOOD MORNING, GLAUCOUS GOT DISTEMPER. (No fever, but hardened pads and coughing.) I was literally just talking about this and dramatic deaths and lore and stuff yesterday sjdhdkfhdjfhdj g o d. Thankfully I only need one goldenseal for a cure but wow, okay, that’s a thing to wake up to!
  • Welp, guess I’m exploring in the Grasslands today, and if there’s no luck I’ll check the prices >:V Coincidentally my snake quest is killing a coupl’a birds, and I already got one (and encountered another but at too high a level) from the first round, That worked out nicely!
  • …Ohh, right, goldenseal will just help me research the cure. Thankfully Syrel has one in stock at an affordable price, phew! Glad I’ve been hoarding. Now cured, which is the most anticlimactic thing ever but still.
  • Anyway. Decided to commemorate the event. This is also the first drawing of any of my wolves and I think it is a fantastic start.

  • Still exploring in the grasslands anyway and found this lad! Hahaha monochrome what, instant addition to the pack. Selling the cream gal from yesterday.
  • Nice well-rounded stats and a compatible personality :D Finisher’s only last by a teeny tiny margin so welcome to the hunting team, dude. (Proficiency only went down 36–23%, I’ll take it!)
    • Previous third hunter/current pupsitter is now just a pupsitter, which totally won’t be confusing to later!me at all.
  • Oh yeah, and last but not least, new slot get >:3
  • Dang, got another glaucous, this one with markings >:o …and <200 stats, so uh, yeet.
  • Aforementioned breeding saga has begun. This should be interesting.
  • Not a lore update or anything but since this really is more or less a blog, :eyes emoji


Posted 2020-10-28 05:43:04 (edited)

Day 10 2020/10/28

LVLUP: hunter2, Talak, glaucous +5, hunter3 +2

  • Had to bump the trades a couple times but cream NBW sold minutes after. It seems like sales are less dependent on price and more if there’s anyone online at the time who’s interested, because between you and me, this is a killin.
  • >found another glaucous >level 20 on the befriend prompt >under 200 stats >why
  • Got beat to 0HP for the first time challenging an eastern timber wolf pack while at ~half HP; they were a couple levels lower and were almost beat for good, but alas.
  • hunter3 picked up ticks, lovely! …and I need more tobacco, dangit. Back to the mountains it is >:V
  • Aww, there’s some flavor text about being back home (skipped too fast) and “You pause to sniff at the base of a rock and catch a familiar scent. One of your pack has wandered through here!” That’s a cute touch :D
  • Update: Just bought the tobacco for 20SC. I love slowly amassing enough cone that this is a fairly minor purchase. A few hours later and ticks cured successfully!

Day 11 2020/10/29

LVLUP pupsitter +4, hunter3 +3, Andesite +8

  • Today’s snake quest was defeating a couple wolves. One was a random encounter and the other was a potential friend. I feel bad :(
  • Opened up a lil YWH shop :3c Here's hunter3 for a headshot example because I can’t figure out what to do with Diorite in this style help

Day 12 2020/10/30 | LVLUP: glaucous +6, Diorite +8

Day 13 2020/10/31

LVLUP: glaucous +7, hunter3 +4

  • Had a whole lotta nothing to report yesterday, but today Talak got fucked up by a rabbit. Open wound, fun, but had a medicine so that was short-lived again. Buddy, I know you had low stats to begin with, but blease,,,
  • Update: glaucous also got sick, Again, this time wiiiith INFLUENZA. FUCK. No herbs, cure isn’t known, and I’m about to blow all my savings on the blue moon backgrounds before they cycle out too sjghsdfs, fun!
    • -frantically slaps an influenza cure deal on the next round of ywhs- this is fine!
  • Sooo, some research later and I haven’t even unlocked the biomes where those herbs are found, FGL (Fuck Glaucous’s Life). Irony of ironies she’s actually been scouting southward; her SPE+STR are pretty buffed but at what cost. In any case I think she will have to take the L, for now, and I am very very glad I’ve been hoarding healing salves. Not advertising for a cure as art payment until I finish work this week would actually be great incentive because she has a whole 5/6 days to live, depending when rollover does its thing :D


Posted 2020-11-01 05:34:12 (edited)

Day 14 2020/11/01

SEASON: Autumn

LVLUP: herbalist +7, Andesite +9

  • The pups are adolescents! Herbalist leveled up! Winter is coming; it was hailing on the Grasslands first thing in explore! The male NBW for sale contracted influenza because I am a fool who forgot unsorted wolves could do that!! …I might just chase him because he’s not selling, but I’d feel really bad if someone got him as a chased and he’s still sick shdjshdjd
  • -sends glaucous out scouting without thinking- i am the Best pack leader we are so fuckin prepared for winter you guys
  • …Eh, you know what, chasing his freeloader ass. Also while I’m not in much of a lore brainstorming mood rn, let it be said that this is getting far too rambly and I need like, an Actual Proper Timeline TL;DR edition. Note to self >:V
  • Update: okay I will chase after doing work but ayyyyy
    • added a link to this and the spradsheet to the original post, for faster reference
  • >had to kill a couple birds for the snake quest >second was a level 12 turkey vulture (Diorite’s lvl8) >it wasn’t even close, didn’t need a single salve >gave a pathetic amount of EXP compared to the earlier battle quest >????????
  • Anyway, chase time. Named the guy Monsoon as dictated by Flight Rising’s name generator, slapped this in his profile (idk if it’ll stay but it’s Something), and off he go. …There’s no special flavor text and tbh that felt anticlimactic but OH WELL that is what Lore is for.
  • Meanwhile:

  • Immediately fed and played with her, and pupsitter’s 80% survival bonus yeeted her right into the clear. Instantly wiped the neglect/potential runaway status. Off to a good start, lads.
  • As of tonight, Andesite is a higher level than Diorite. She was already ahead for 8 and I think 7 but the margin grows wider still. How are these two even leaders, they spend 90% of their time exploring.
    • Oh hey, she also has >300 stats! Check these out and holy fuck, that wisdom/smarts average. (Pardon the mobile screenshot; no sleep only wolves now.) Methinks when herbalist kicks the bucket ( :( ) if I end up not doing much rescouting, we got a replacement.
  • Actually, isn’t foraging also being away from the territory for a while? And same with hunting?? Oh hey, maybe I just stumbled upon the lore reason we keep having passerbys: word spreads the cougar’s gone, they show up to check the place out, does anyone even live here, but if they don’t plan to contribute they’re not exactly welcome. Hmmm.

Last update for the day (maybe): screw it, let’s do Wolvember! I’ll spare this thread the text walls and write for that in a new google doc, though ;V