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🍁Kukiel🍁 - G1 Moonlight* - W/B Heterochromia - 8 rare marks - 775+ stats - 3GC or 700SC

🍁Kukiel🍁 - G1 Moonlight* - W/B Heterochromia - 8 rare marks - 775+ stats - 3GC or 700SC
Posted 2021-10-12 20:21:24 (edited)



Base: MoonlightSlot 1: Deira Grizzle (100%)
Base Genetics: Special Medium *Slot 2: Yellow Tamaskan Unders (70%)
Eyes: Hetero White & BlackSlot 3: White Tamaskan Unders (30%)
Skin: LusxneiSlot 4: Beige Tamaskan Unders (20%)
Nose: LusxneiSlot 5: Honey Predator (62%)
Claws: LusxneiSlot 6: Losna Inverted Agouti (48%)
Mutation: NoneSlot 7: Yellow Tamaskan Unders (30%)
Secondary Mutation: NoneSlot 8: Red Smoke (50%)
Carrier Status: XSlot 9: Gray Tamaskan Unders (5%)
Variant: SentinelSlot 10: White Light Husky (90%)

this is kukiel, a new moonlight based NBW stud with white&black heterochromia! price subject to change!

i will be breeding them to many of my own wolves for raising and chasing, so don't be alarmed if it looks like she has a lot of offspring.
if you are breeding to kukiel specifically for r&c, feel free to message me about a discount (and please be honest!)

*i might change out one of their many tamaskan marks, as that seems to be all RMA's wanted to give me! if she's not listed for public stud just let me know

i'm on several times throughout the day so i will respond quickly!

- it's totally fine if you need to remove a request, but i might be a lil bummed if it's due to stud racing and not because i haven't rolled over
- i won't breed to any of their relatives
-if your wolf has less than 5% fertility, PM me and we can make arrangements to breed them!

thank you!


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