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TC Search Filter: Heritageless

TC Search Filter: Heritageless
Last edited 2021-04-16 21:06:31 /

Please add an option to filter wolf sales for NBW/heritageless wolves... if possible it’d be nice to be able to search by generations, but if not then at least be able to separate the wolves with zero heritage from those that have lineage in their family tree 🙏🏼

RizuChan 🌺

Posted 2021-04-20 08:13:11 /



Posted 2021-04-29 11:57:17 /

Please please do this.   Or the ability to search by number of generations in general so someone can search for a second or third gen wolf if they’re okay going that high.

Malachai Morrow

Posted 11 hours ago /

I'd love for this, as my main target when searching for pups in TC or studs, I typically look for wolves with little to no family lines. It's quite a waste of time when I go through so many pups in TC only to find they all have the same family line of being decedents of the same leaderboard studs. While I have nothing against popular family lines, I personally want an easier way to find pups to buy who don't have specific wolves in their family line. Having a filter to search for heritageless wolves would save so much manual filtering.