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Important Bug Fix

Important Bug Fix
Posted 2021-03-05 12:28:51 /

As a small announcement, it appears Selene breedings were malfunctioning and Selene was unpassable for a short period. This has been quickly identified and fixed, and the devs have run a script through all the Selene breedings that have happened on the game to check the chance of producing a Selene and adjusted puppies that should have inherited the base. Those users who have had their puppies switched over to Selene have been contacted to let them know. Unfortunately, we are unable to factor any puppies that got chased from this, but otherwise all puppies from eligible breedings have been run through the system. 

Rates of Selene x non special should be very, very low to produce a Selene puppy, whereas Selene x Selene would have the highest chance of producing a Selene puppy. 

Thank you for your understanding and thank you to the users that let us know!