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Acorn User

Acorn User
Posted 2024-06-02 22:57:43 (edited)

Love to talk but inbox is forever full?
If you were led here, someone has been trying to message you!  

An acorn user is a person who's inbox is constantly full. Cleaning the inbox may be a constant struggle and you never know if someone has been trying to contact you. Let them know that a way to contact you is by showing an acorn.


You feature this acorn image onto your profile/den page and a person crossing by will know that if they want to contact you, they will have to create a trade/gift using an acorn.  The person receiving the acorn may deny/reject the trade but they might know you have been trying to contact them for a message.


If you create a wrong trade, no one is responsible for your lost acorns. Please be careful when setting up your trades. 
The user who you are trying to contact may choose not to respond back to you. This is only to mention that you are interested in a conversation.

|| [Black coming soon] || [Gold coming soon] ||

Code for your profile
Common Acorn:
<*p class="text-center">  ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ <*a href=""><*img src="" alt="Sample Image" title="Acorn User: Click Me!"><*/a>ᴍᴇ<*/p>

Black Acorn: [Coming Soon!]

Gold Acorn: [Coming Soon!]

Remove all * (5 of them). Copy paste it to the top of your profile/den.

† ʀɪᴘ †

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