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Community Update #136

Community Update #136
Posted 2024-04-05 22:13:51

Community Update Day!

Just as a reminder, these updates are smaller and are more focused on the community.  Whereas Development updates are centralised on adding in new features, expanding upon or adjusting existing features, and implementing new artwork and coding, Community updates are meant to introduce weekly raffles, new weekly raffle studs, new polls, and showcase some minor changes and bug fixes that have been made in the past week.

Official Wolvden Raffle!

Our latest weekly raffle is out!  Each person can purchase 1 ticket at maximum to have a chance at winning a neat prize for the amazing price of 5 SC per ticket! Good luck!  You can find the official raffle here!
This raffle will automatically end on 2024-04-12 at 00:30.

Raffle Stud Winners and New Raffle Stud!

Congratulations to the players that won a breeding with last week's raffle stud!  You'll know if you won, as you'll have received a Game Notification in your inbox informing you of such! As a reminder, the previous raffle stud's exclusive attributes were Storm eyes and the Aspen Inverted Panda, White Lupos, and White Wings Scarce markings!

Our newest weekly raffle stud has been released!  His special attributes are Bloodhound eyes and the Dark Brown Merle Patches, Dark Brown Wings Heavy, and Gold Cougar markings!  Enter for a chance to win a breeding with him by clicking here!

Poll Results!

Thank you all for voting on the previous poll!  We won't be recreating Wolvden in 3D, but we love that Starpaw Valley was the most popular vote!

For our new poll: What is your favourite type of eclipse?  Let us know by clicking here!

Bug Fix

* Bug fix confirmed for Images on news posts no longer working.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf Images Not Loading.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf not gaining a nesting pose after being nested.
* Bug fix confirmed for Custom Decor Name Asc/Desc Dropdowns Not Working.

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cool guy

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Wow very news! (Posting strictly for achievement)


Posted 2024-04-05 22:15:46
hell yeah (also posting for achiev)

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heehoo new news


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Yayyy news!!!

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Yay news!!
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