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Looking for my next stud! 15+ gc prize!

Looking for my next stud! 15+ gc prize!
Posted 2023-10-08 20:52:46 (edited)

Hey all! Today i'm here to ask for a future stud! In just 32 rollovers i want to have a stud heir ready for when my dearest Lidae starts his death rolls (in said 32 rollovers). The ideal deadline is November 18th, but may be a bit sooner or later!

But, i'm not just looking for any stud, so lets get into my requirements!


1. Realistic
This is the most important requirement for me! The wolf's coat must be realistic / semi-realistic! I don't mind if the eyes specifically aren't realistic, but the coat, skin, claws, and nose are important to me! I am specifically looking for wolves with only grays, blacks, whites, and browns! No colors you wouldn't find on real wolves/dogs please!
2. 3 years or younger
At the time the wolf is chosen, i would like the wolf in question to be 3 years or younger. This is just so i have him for a long while!
3. 400+ stats
I do have a goal to have all, if not most, of my wolves have 400 or more stats in the next few {irl} months
4. Generation 5+
I want this wolf to be generation 5 or more. I like high gen wolves personally, and having my new stud be high gen would be great!
5. No imbreeding.
For personal reasons, i just don't want my stud to have any imbreeding. It just makes it easier to stud him out
6. Teir 3, maybe 2
I'm looking for a tier 3 wolf specifically. I am willing to look at tier 2's, but tier 1's aren't going to be accepted.


Now for what everyone's interested in! The prize!
The prize is as follows: 3 free breedings with the stud. All other breeding sessions after these three are 75% off with same stud. Outside of breeding based prizes, im also offering a starting prize of 15 gc. This gc prize is subject to upward increase, As submissions increase!

Please Note: This post is going to be going hand-in-hand with my "Stud Design Contest". In which im asking for users such as yourselves to design my next stud! There will only be 1 winner between both of these posts, however, some wolves may be purchased from here seperately, as i definitely have a close eye on some of these lovely boys! ;)

Good Luck to everyone! I'll keep you all updated!


Posted 2023-10-09 12:37:25
I have these wolves if any of them interest you
G6 Apex 6m
G7 Blueschist Storm Eyes
G7 Aoex Storm Eyes


Posted 2023-10-10 02:19:12
I can offer some pretty wolves:


Posted 2023-10-11 08:23:12
Hi, I have the following: - G6 T2 396 stats - G6 T2 392 stats


Posted 2023-10-16 09:33:56
Hi, I have the following pups I think fit the bill. Stats are all just a bit under 400, just a warning


Posted 2023-10-16 09:36:51
I defenitly have my eyes on some of the 4 pups you've sent
Some could win the prize when the time to choose comes next month!

Posted 2023-10-16 10:27:41
I do have this guy link
He is a TII and just under 400 stats, but he is an albino carrier and only just over a year old :)


Posted 2023-10-16 11:50:13
Great! Holding!


Posted 2023-10-16 12:31:09
He's defenitly caught my eye! Very pretty!

Posted 2023-10-19 19:43:34
I have Yarrow… he's a Gen 6, has (I think) a natural pelt color, at Oct. 26th 2023 he will be 1 year old, I don't think he has any inbreeding, he has a T8 32% marking and a T3 26% marking, and finally he DOESN'T (yet) have 400+ stats… but I'm working on it.

Hope you consider.

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