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looking for specific colored wolves

looking for specific colored wolves
Posted 2023-09-22 11:13:26 (edited)

hello! i'm looking for wolves with specific fur patterns and such

from the depths of my heart, i sincerely apologize for the insanely specific and annoying descriptions

i'm offering gc and sc! if it calls for it, i can also offer applicators. i won't reply to anyone in the thread, BUT, if i like a wolf you offered, i will most likely privately message you

t2 or t3
at least semi-natural
3 years or younger

xtra notes
can have unnatural marks, but must be on low/med opacity
raffle/event eyes are preferred but are not required
absolutely NO colorbombs, sorry! i'm not too fond of them unfortunately
low gens are also preferred but i don't mind them too much

looking for
a wolf that looks as if it's element is earth
a wolf that looks as if it's element is fire
a wolf that looks as if it's element is water
a wolf that looks as if it's element is air
a wolf that looks as if it's element is quintessence

( shoutout to anybody who figures out what i'm referencing ;3 )

earth . . green/blue/brown/white base/marks
fire . . red/orange/yellow/black/white marks/base
water . . light blue/white/black marks/base
air . . yellow/white/gray marks/base
quintessence . . brown/gray/black/white marks/base

they can have any colored eyes!

hi! i've thought about clearing out my den and starting new with wolves that i like more, but i can't find many puppies or adults i want in the trading center.

i'm mainly looking for t2's or t3's. with raffle/event eyes is preferred but not needed. wolves can have unnatural markings but it must be on a low opacity :3 i can be picky sometimes but don't be afraid to show what you're willing to sell!

adults will be prioritized first because i need to replace my hunters, scouts, herbalists, and pupsitters, but i might also get puppies first too if i like them enough.

i can give gc, sc, items, or wolves in return, but we can discuss that when i reach out to you :D i probably won't respond to anyone in the thread, but i will privately message you if i like a wolf you offered!

thank you for helping ! ^_^

kyo / rozie ♡

Posted 2023-09-22 11:40:04
I have a few wolves that might fit what you're looking for:

female adult T2 G3 6m | hetero | 677 stats
male pup T2 G3 7m | hetero | 667 birth stats
female pup T2 G3 5m | 673 birth stats

These two litters both have a few Badger pups, so I linked the moms below to save space
Reverie - litter of 4 w 3 Badgers
Aviva - litter of 4 w 4 Badgers

feel free to look around my den as well, almost all pups/adols are available unless they are secured (regardless of the cave they are in).
No worries if you're not interested in any!


Posted 2023-09-22 12:18:04
See anything in my den you like?

♚ Cain

Posted 2023-09-24 13:19:45 (edited)
I have a few wolves that could fit in your category! I also only keep nautral (ish) looking wolves. Which i have 3 more litters that are coming soon. Including my lead's pups. And if there's a wolf you do want to breed with of mine in the future please let me know aswell!
Free feel to check out my den.

Posted 2023-09-24 14:22:59
I have this beautiful Chromium adol for sale. link Natural look and nice high stats (and she's fully stalker trained). She's G4 with a clean line.


Posted 2023-09-26 13:39:54
i have a few wolves id be willing to sell, the pups would need weaned but id be willing to sell these guys all together if you're interested. feel free to check out my den for some others, i am in no shortage for wolves LOL
grulla adol 4m 334st
flint adol 5m 434st
slate pup 6m 398st
slate pup 3m 397st
grulla adol 7m 334st
slate adult 70+ pupsitting prof with 4m & 452st


Posted 2023-10-03 16:09:16
Hi, I have the following who might fit


Posted 2023-10-03 20:04:09 (edited)
I have this adol for sale: nine markings (all natural), 650 + 63 stats from pup training, very good chaser stats (208+27 speed, 219+27 agility) sold!


Posted 2023-10-05 11:32:38
greetings fellow natural looks enjoyer! here are my wares that may be to your liking:

fully puptrained chaser adol, t2 4m g3

fully puptrained chaser adol, t2 3m g3

t2 6m g2 pup

t2 8m g2 pup

t2 7m g2 pup

t2 6m g4 pup

5m g4 fully puptrained chaser pup (aging to adol next ro)

6m g3 fully puptrained adol

t2 3m g3 fully puptrained adol

Dr. Disco

Posted 2023-10-08 12:42:16
I have a few wolves that might interest you. You can look at my pack and if you find one you like I can always Travel wolves or make a deal.
(I'm new to the chats so I have no clue how to insert the links lol)

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