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*TEMP RETIRED*🎩 The Shadow Man 🎩 ---- G2 Mela Monochrome Fox! [200/1]

*TEMP RETIRED*🎩 The Shadow Man 🎩 ---- G2 Mela Monochrome Fox! [200/1]
Posted 2023-09-19 04:26:05 (edited)
Gonna be temporary retiring while I work on a smoke NBW stud. Will be back soon!

Link to Stud


You feel the world growing hot around you, as you decsend deeper and deeper into the lava cave.

You've heard legends of a powerful wolf that lives there, who can grant you your heart's deepest desire... For a price, of course. But when you get to the bottom nobody is there. Strange.. Was it all just a legend after all?

Suddenly, you notice your shadow on the wall moving strangely. A large wolf black suddenly emerges from the shadow behind you, with eyes like burning coals. You jump, and crouch down on the ground defensively. Are you about to be attacked?

But instead, the mysterious wolf simply smiles.. "Forgive me It's been so long since Ive had visitors, I forget my manners." He offers a paw to help you back to your feet. "Would you like to make a deal?"

Introducing..... Facilier! AKA: the Shadowman. As you can see, he is a G2 Mela Fox. He is also a stalker, with a sarcastic personality. Here is what he looks like without his mela and decor:

He also has mostly monochrome markings, I'm working on replacg the ones that aren't (except for the abomination mark). Proceeds from this stud will help go into purchasing more RMAs and other things to make him even better! He is also my first ever stud so please be nice ^^;

Credits: Thank you to Fallen, Albae, and Proxy for helping me with his design and lore!
Inspiration: Dr. Facilier from the princess and the frog and the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
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