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Wolvden is a free to play browser based game!

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Play Wolvden for free today! Sign up and create your very own wolf pack leader in a fun and challenging persistent browser-based game! Set in the various rich biomes of North America and Europe, encounter many different enemies and prey alike as you drive your wolf pack to victory in the rich world of Wolvden.

Wolvden features a full breeding and customised genetics system complete with mutations, an event-packed environment you can explore and hunt in and unlimited customisation and decoration options for all members of your pack! With regular updates, lore and roleplay opportunities to suit your playstyle and stories that unfold based on your choices, why not get started now and create your starter wolf!

Manage your own wolf pack

Establish your pack in a breathtaking biome of your choice - from the icy depths of the glacier to the hottest bite of desert sand, you'll discover and locate the right home for your wolves. Create a dynasty that travels through the ages, breeding the next generation and honing their skills to fill different roles as you see fit.

Befriend new pack members and battle your enemies while your pack follows your instructions: hunters form hunting parties and bring down the prey in your lands, scouts find and uncover new places to explore, herbalists mix medicines and cure injured and ill wolves while pupsitters stay home to protect the kids.

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Holly Crown
Blue Moon
Babushka's Scarf
Nose Applicator [Blend]
Sunrise: Lake Michigan