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Atmospheric ❤ (she/her) #8870

Howdy! I'm Atmospheric. Y'all can call me Atmo, Atmos, or Atty for short! I'm 17 and bisexual. My pronouns are she/her. I'm happily taken by the sweetest, kindest, bestest, and perfect girl in the whole world! MOONrisingSUN 4.10.21

I'm a furry and self-taught artist! I've been drawing for around 6 years. I enjoy being with my gf, nature, animals, cartoons, chilling with my friends, and playing games!

I'm pretty introverted and shy but I enjoy making new friends! Don't hestiate to say hi to me! I'm okay with tone indicators being used :)

I prefer communication through discord. My messages can get full from commissioning peeps! Please message me for it <3

Pfp by shy_pumpkins

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Name Atmospheric ❤ (she/her)
Pack Space Time Continuum
Queen 💛 Honey 💛
Joined 2020-10-19
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